Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rizalman Sposa

Salam peeps...
I hope u still remember my longgggg delayed entry on RS here

Thank you Bios Life SLiM

YOU make it possible for me to visit Rizalman SPosa Atelier without forking out for thousands on his creation and Inshallah with God (Allah swt) permits... I will soon come back with my mom for her to 'own' your masterpiece ya. (eventho she never asked and jauh sekali dream about having designers' pieces.. but dalam hati ni mmg nk surprisekan dia! well... I knew she couldn't careless about baju and watsoever but I bet she watched DEKO! DEKO! DEKO! and from there she admire and luv him his interior work..sekadar admire je cos fyi kalau nk panggil buat deko pun at least u must have minimum rm20k for deko sekangkang kera ;)

If everyone is dying to have Rizalman's creation when they reached certain level in lives...I myself will ensure that the most important person who bring me to this world deserve the best from my achievements... "without u, I wont be able to see the world Mak and I wouldn't know who Rizalman is ... having you is priceless and I'll do anything for you jika umur & waktu mengizinkan...Amin.
I love you so much * wipe tears*

Let's pay virtual visit to his SPosa & thank you Faizul for allowing me taking all the pix for sharing with my blog readers :)

My 1st visit...

from the window.... 'gulp' !
excitedly excited melihat rekaan pereka tersohor dpn mata sendiri...
selalu tgk dlm magazine n tv aje :)

sejurus melangkah masuk
maka acara cam-whore bermula...get set go!
cantik kan mirror tu...

it is not about d mirror actually but hajat hati nak take closeup kaftan tepi tu malu huhu...
how i wish I'm the mannequin, bole sarung baju free tiap2 hari ;D fairytale!

to all designers out there jgn copy tau design ni! berdosa copy copy ya...

the chandlier mmg class kan! haaaa... ok sila sila! yg ni bole copy ;)

waiting area yg cosy & elegant!
penataan cahaya yg baik dari designer yg classy

yg ni tak dapat nak ambil close-up
tgh control i snap from far aje
cantik kan kalau yg pakai tu SLiM... lets meetup for tips from SLiM expert!
siapa lagi kalau bukan I hehe call me ok ;)

mungkin ramai yg ingin tahu berapa minimum price for those dresses
its rm5k and above for his collections
kalau da rasa cukup budget tu sila sila la ya....

white range

black & nude

Do u remember these advert of Seri Mawar Kosmetik and guess who I met in SPosa?
yes! it's d gorgeous founder Aniza Adnan in nude face and according to her she gotta shed few kgs to fit into ths dress for shooting in Jakarta. 48kgs to make u look good on tv ok ;) masa ni belum kenal Bios Life Slim lagi hehe

Mr Faizul the Manager to big boss SPosa


My 2nd visit....

Alhamdulillah...I've made another visit to SPosa and I bet ramai nak tahu apa lagi yg ada di dalamanya kan?

While entering...2 mannequins waiting to greet u in white creations
Masya Allah! mmg cantik esp d design cutting, the chiffon quality the beadings yg semuanya seakan sempurna dan berbaloi dengan harga....

told ya! they waited patiently kan kan...

close up skit!

detailing in pearls, crystal and swarovski stones

i don't know what is this for...can someone pls help me!
perhaps for the veil or issit d hand bouquet?

pearl + satin = $$$

fresh white roses for decor

another new white creation...

ready made mostly for SLiM & TALL ppl huhu...

if white is boring he also made other dresses in diff colors for you to choose

the shoe rack and most bride/dinner shoes are made from high quality fabric eg satin & silk

ths one caught my eyes

can u spot the bling2?

the interior

now visit d washroom pulak yg wangi bersih & mewah!

Artificial ORchids...tak berbaloi to put the fresh one here

classy touch! dlm toilet pun ada armchair ok ;)

m with Rizalman junior designer Deena


My 3rd visit....
yeah! finally the picture revealed....

@ the entrance...

fitting room

fresh flowers

for me Rizalman orangnya pendiam, bijak, tajam dan yg pasti classy & health-conscious too!
terima kasih kerana sudi dot dot dot . I appreciate it :)

Faizul yg merupakan org kuat Rizalman and thanks for the dot dot too

Last but not least...
dont envy this lady as she already work for Rizalman for almost a decade.
An accountant background who's responsible for Rizalman's $$$ budget & audit ;)
we hv known each other for 15 years and she's my ex-housemate during my bachelor time
thanks for the friendship Lily.
Be good to here so that u enjoy discounted rate for Rizalman's piece in future. PEACE!

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