Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April Month of Love

Salam peeps! miss me?

I know i've been neglecting this blog for quite sometime. No update on my personal progress/ stories about Happy Life Project.

Bukan disengajakan but my business is activate on facebook and I believe blog is a platform to share the product infos but many blogger frens da bising cos xde story mory morning glory di sini ;)

ok utk dikongsi bersama...

Bersyukur pd Allah swt
he answered to my prayer...
with Happy Life Project everything is possible

some may hate networking biz but for myself i just love doing it...

from here dapat juga i share peluang utk bantu rakan2 yg ingin tambahkan pendapatan dan keselesan dalam hidup dan yg paling penting TAHAP KESIHATAN MEREKA SEMAKIN BAIK N RAMAI YG SEMAKIN GORGEOUS dengan penggunaan product yg betul...syukran.

Lega juga bila dengar mereka dapat merasa pendapatan lebih to pay necessary bills, buy new things, go for family vacation, mulakan saving dan berkongsi pendapataan meringankan beban keluarga.

This is a truly business for people who love helping people...

Why I said this...

the more we care d more we share n the more we will get in return

not only

but also

How I get started...

Langit tidak selalu hujan dan pelangi pasti muncul juga...

Meeting great people after being cheated by my 'close blogger fren' is truly amazing
ada hikmah di sebalik semua yg berlaku dan paling penting...

We have to keep on moving & cari peluang utk berusaha. Never give up ya :)

Bila kita tidak berhenti berusaha dan berdoa, Allah will arrange everything smoothly and its happening to me now. Thank you Allah.

Happy Life Project journey is beautiful...

Its all started when I used and benefits from the product called Bios Life Slim, I begin to share my testimony to many people "Sharing is Caring"

I dont wanna be healthy and rich alone... as i also share the product and compensation plan with them.

above are part of my team as i learn from successful people to be successful.

lets meetup if you wish to have

more health less sicks
more money less debts
more time less stress




012 2048141

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