Tuesday, January 24, 2012

UPR - Unicity Power Rally @ Bangkok

21/02/2012 We recev a sweet message from our Presidential Director Sha when she was in Bangkok during Unicity Power Rally and crowing our Unicity 1st Triple Crown Diamond Khun Rasa Comeban and her official retire after completed ths project in 5 yrs at the age of 30's. I'm sure some or many of u recev it too in fb.. We miss u badly as how much u miss us.. Tho we cant b with u, your pictures there are our inspitarion..

You bring proud to our Malay community whom some tink we may be not able to achieve our Dreams n Goals in Network Marketing; to mummies whom some tink they cant strive for more; to Woman.. This is Woman Power! 2 years ago, February 2010, is the 1st Global Convention Sha attended in Thailand...She was with no rank..still struggling with 3 jobs to meet ends meet. At that time she was trying to see her possibilities with Unicity..and on that day too she was touched, moved and inspired by our then Triple Diamond Khun Rasa achievement...She get up and run without turning back..then in just 18months, She achieved the result...She's now a fully qualified Presidential Director and the 1st in Spore n Malaysia to receive the President bonus cheque of US$10,000 and her SGD five figure income monthly.

So here to our success too! Let this be our inspiration to Manage Leverage Multiply...

Good Day beautiful people.. Dream BIG and we surely get there... Have a blessed holiday n Happy Chinese New Year!!!

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