Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Celebrities in the house!!!

Slim with celebs!
Us with Pak Engku (Msia popular wedding planner)

with Khun O Sira, Thai most popular makeup artist & Hetty Sarlene actress

Saring by my dearest partner from Singapore Executive Director Dila.

Thailand & Singapore Celebrities also choose Happy Life Project!

So who did i meet last nite???

Who says a high profile people will not join our Happy Life Project? On my left with my favourite man, our PD Khun Oh Sira Kulsrethsiri. Meet our Presidential Director from Thailand, Khun O'Sira...and look at him now..can you guess that his already in his 50s? All thanks to Unicity product, he look so young compared to others at their 50s now.

He came from a wealthy family in Thailand, the 1st family who owned the Mercedez limousine which had 6 doors in the olden days..all family properties including their utensils have their family crest embedded on it. Khun O'Sira himself is one of the TOP 5 make up artist..and his one of the judge for Thailand Next Top Model, he owns chains of Pubs, boutique under his name, he have his own singing album..etc. But having all those, he realised that he could not continue to do make up when his age are catching up..he must have something to prepare himself for retirement...and when he sees his own transformation after taking Unicity product..he choose to embrace Happy Life Project!

Jeng Jeng Jeng.. On my right is non other than Popular Actress Hetty Sarlene whom i met last night.. I shared the story of Khun Oh Sira and she nodded that when ones age is catching up.. there goes the acting or singing contracts to freshy.. Same goes for us employee or even own bosses, how long can our youth n health sustain? With the power of MANAGE our current passion in watever we are doing be it make-up, acting or working.. We LEVERAGE on other resources, choose the right vehicle and we opted Hepi life Project and MULTIPLY it.. Its a tools not to juz making money, its for ones Time, Health and Money Freedom.. And we blessed tis tools and pass it on to anyone who needs it..

we also have Datuk Kadijah Ibrahim & Noraniza Idris & hubby Ustaz Jeffrey in Happy Life Project!

Help others with their Needs
Allah will take care of your Needs♥

so....do u want a Happy Life? Yes! u can get it now! Wait no More!

PM/wassap me for a date Yani 012 2048141

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