Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Silent Killer!

Sharing from our PS Lim Eng Hai..

I am proud of what we can do for our friends' health, provided they open their mind, listen to the information and then give themselves the chance. Look at what we've been able to do for TJ, a friend from university years more than 2 decades ago but who avoided me for a good 10 years because he heard that I was in MLM ;)

I got through to TJ about a year ago when I spotted a photo of him on the Facebook of a mutual friend (Tan Tan See Lim). A 3-word remark I made was to open his mind and changed his life. I said, "You look prosperous." We exchanged pleasantries, he asked what I was doing, I told him briefly, and found out he is working on some "passive income possibilities", and invited him to meet to explore possibilities.

TJ is only now waking up to the business. But he is already 100% sold on the efficacy of Bios Life Slim in helping him deal with a long-time problem - a persistently high cholesterol for which he could not take any of the conventional medicine because his liver was found to be unable to tolerate the drugs. On Saturday, 14 Jan 2012, at the UPS, TJ happily shared his great result, as seen in the graphs above. He has been charting his lipid profile data for a decade, and can tell the decisive turn for the better since he took on Bios Life Slim

In addition to the much healthier lipid profile, TJ also shed 12-14 kg from his 104kg frame. His metabolism was found to be a high 185 - higher than the 160 of the fitness instructor who did the test, and the 105 count of the friend who works out at the gym and had suggested doing the test. Bios Life Slim burns fat and so, gives our metabolism a boost. I believe we've just added 14 years to his life, and healthy years too - a great blessing to his wife Pari and their two children, a boy and a girl. I told Pari and TJ so when they visited the Unicity office last night.

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