Wednesday, October 12, 2011

calling all insurance agents!!!

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perhaps... u might have client who's suffering over diabetic and high cholesterol not wait! enroll them in Happy Life Project and get health & wealth benefits from it as per below story....opsss! it comes with money back gaurantee ;))

Sharing from Wan Jazzy...

With God's will, after long 10 years of waiting... after more than 10x rejection.. finally one great insurance company has accepted my insurance application!!!!

Since the day I have been consuming Bios Life, not only my buldging has flattened... my cholesterol dropped.. my glucose level dropped from 19 to 6.5 today.. i met new frens every other day... we shared our medical journey... not only new frens, old frens start to buzz me... one by one has got into shape... one by one has got better with their health... people begin to have confidence in the products...

But wait, I do have people telling me "my product" is expensive.. de most riducilous comment that i got is tis - "you dun have kids, tats why u can afford to buy"... duh??? thn the people that bought my products are what childless? *shake head*

My answer is simple, "if u want it badly, u will get it.. c'mon guys especially ladies.. if u can save for a GUCCI bag or a LV bag.. what is $30+ or $100+ for a price of your health???

I remembered a gd fren of my wife, Aslam Izan ever said, "we dun put a price tag on our health. Badan nak pakai lama nie! Human spare parts lagi mahal giler dok!"

She has said wat i wanna say.... to frns out there whom are on the way to a new figure and better health with Bios Life Slim, Kudos to you!

If you feel connected with what I have shared and wanna have a new you, PM me to find out more I'll be glad to share with you ;)

012 2048141

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Hailey said...

nice info, thanks for sharing

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