Wednesday, October 12, 2011

what doctors said about Bios Life Slim...

JIKA RAMAI DOKTOR TELAH MENYOKONG BIOS LIFE SLIM....who are we to give judgement and make our own assumption???

Doctors & Other Medical and Healthcare Professionals
Candidly Speak Out For Bios Life Slim

Biography: Dr. Annie prescribes Bios Life Slim to over 750 of her patients for the purpose of lowering the bad cholesterol, raising the good cholesterol, lowering triglycerides, and lowering blood pressure, amongst other health improving things.

Dr. Varughese's Words: "I have been an interventional cardiologist in private practice for 15 years. I am so impressed with Bios Life Slim. Besides reviewing the research, I have seen with my own eyes in my own patients the dramatic results that it has brought to their lives. It is such a relief to be able to offer my patients such a tremendous and SAFE strategy to address their medical concerns. I don’t hesitate for a moment to share this with my colleagues and it is my plan to see that every patient that warrants using Bios Life Slim will have it offered to them as an option in my treatment strategy.

I have seen 100 point drops in Triglycerides in 30 days, weight loss averaging 3-10 pounds per month, cholesterol lowering, HDL and LDL improvements. Something this wonderful should not be kept a secret." -- Annie T. Varughese, MD, FACC, Board Certified in Cardiovascular Disease, Interventional Cardiology, and Internal Medicine.

Dr. Annie Varughesse (Has 750+ Patients Using Bios Life Slim)

Above pix : Dr Fernando with my Snr Director Dila on his recent visit to Spore at UPS Unipower Unicity business talk.

With Dr Dr Fernando P. Valeroso, the guest speaker from Philippines, Formerly General Surgeon, presently Herbologist & Nutritionist. He was here last week to speak on the New Health Vision. He said, "He has tried many brands in the market but nothing come close to Unicity products."

Why are so many Physicians and other medical & health care professionals endorsing Bios Life? And, if they were going to recommend a natural protocol for their patients with literally thousands of nutritional supplements on the market, why have so many healthcare providers specifically chosen Bios Life?

The short answer is simple: Because Bios Life Slim delivers results.

Every now and then, after someone has had an opportunity see the before and after pictures of a few of our customers; or read and hear some of our customers' health stories after using Bios Life... They will say, "This can't be true. I've never seen a product that can do all of this."

Our answer to them is always the same: "Yes, it's all 100% true... The reason it may be difficult for you to believe is because until today... you had heard or seen it but yet to try it."

calling all doctors out thr to join Happy Life Project in Making Life Better for others too ;)

call/pm Yani 012 2048141 or email if u would like to participate in the project of helping people :D

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