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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

backdated : Nutrin again!

We had dinner at these place last few weeks. Sedap sangat !!!
I may suggest u guys cubala ya!!!
Restaurant Kepala Ikan (Nutrin Delight S/B)
13 Jalan Tengku Ampuan Zabedah F9/F1
Section 9, Shah Alam (T: 03-5880 4829)

sotong tepung

asparagus belacan

siakap steamed

lemon chicken


Mrs LVoe said...

sha tahu tempat nie.. sbelah orkid thai. kena try nie. tq sis for sharing

naddy said...

tgk entry ni lapar jadinyaa ehehhe nasib la jauh fr my place ehehehe

arie:) said...

bestnya kat shah alam banyak kedai nak try..
anyway..that asparagus belacan nampak sedap sgt..yummy!

KK said...

wah..all these lauk for 2 person jer eh? mmg mantap nie :P and yes, u have great selection of combine2 food neh. Eh anyway, pekata next time u put with price oso

Hahhaa..ku yg byk songeh :)

Ami said...

siakap steamed & asparagus belacan tue nampak sgt yummy!!

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