Thursday, March 12, 2009

cerita rumah

Is it worth buying a house at Alam Impian??? It's definitely worth it!!! Mr hubby were eyeing the SD unit which left less than 5 units (according to the guard la) but unfortunately when he went to the sales office last 2 weeks at Wisma Constplant, we were told all the SD units were SOLD OUT mcm goreng pisang panas and ada 7 waiting list!!! Alahai nampaknya macam takde rezeki :(

And here I would like credit ADNANIR on her/his write-up on Alam Impian.

M speechless) bila sampai tempat ni mainly becos :-

Semuanya (+ve vibes)

1) The layout of the houses row - The SD was arranged in a nice enclosed loop which gave an impression of seclusion and family centred.
2) the layout of the house - The house have useful wide open area form the Front all the way to the back. I also love the side door which can access kitchen privately. Just see the house in person and it is easy to fell in love. 3100++ sf is adequate for family of 3 for us.
3) Useful adjacent attached land which is just rightly sized. I believe a minimum of 20 feet wide is needed to feel the "right" size.
4) Nice contemporary exterior design - very current and yet not too flashy and fakey.
5) Beautiful master bedroom bathroom. Bathtub facing open space is a superb concept. Love it.

For the terraces house I like :

1) Wide frontage
2) Modern design
3) Nice 2x2 tile (even better than SD !!)
4) Super high ceilings on 2nd floor. Very cooling.
5) Right size kitchen

In general I like the quality of the material chosen and the overall architecture and built quality.

It is interesting to note that altho this project is I7P project, it is actually run by SPPK (Syarikat Perumahan Pegawai Kerajaan). This development is headed by SPPK (now absorb into I&P), so you can expect some philosophy similar to other SPPK development (bukit damansara etc)

Wrt to access, I was inform that there will be at least 2 alternative road which will acessing the AI. The LKSA is th ecurrently main access. The currently used Jalan Kebun will be closed and not used later. Right now, it is used as temporary road only.

At 540K++ (in March 08 price has reached up to 580k) for such landscaped SD on elvated land , I believe it is a really good purchase for those who wants to upgrade to a quieter neighbourhood.

Similar SD in adjacent area (Kemuning, Jelutong, Rimau) will cost you 30% more for similar house. ie 3100+sf Builtups and area of 4700sf total area. Admittedly other area has matured and have better infra but I believe this AI will catch up real fast.

Memang cantik!!! Mudah2an ada rezeki di tpt lain n since xde rezeki kt sini, lets enjoy d pics aje. Kami amat bersyukur dgn teratak yg diduduki skrg sambil meneruskn~house hunting!!!

p/s : Kpd sesiapa yg berminat utk membeli condo kami di kgsaas amatla dialu-alukan ya (sila tinggalkn email anda)

harga yg masih reasonable for SD, yg lain semua main juta-juta kt KL/S'ngor ni..huh!


Mrs LVoe said...

sha also speechless. the laman sanur near school is quite nice but i think dh sold out. the laman seri quite near lak umah dia. cam teres hse kan. but i like the landscaping. beautiful.. bile masuk tu ermmmm bole siap main pusing2 la.

if sis pindah, jauh la kita ekk.

fida said...

my elder sister ada beli rumah kat sini..end lot.. mmg superb laa design dia kat luar n dlm.. luas gile n quality pun bagus.. wahh da siap eh jln dia.. last skali i g dulu jln tk siap lagik.. btw masa my sis booked dulu less than 500k

Mai said...

Why don't you try SD in Bukit Bandaraya Shah Alam?

snowiffy said...

sha: yup laman sanur byk da abis kalau ada pun harga mahal da mcm rate semi D. laman seri pun mahal as SD is 1.5mil. (luar kemampuan tu) but landscape dia mmg cun. mayb tunggu la kot2 ada lagi kt alam impian yg affordable n sesuai dgn budget kami..insyallah.

fida : wahhh!! utg ur sis beli awal2 kan, fr end lot is nw is almost 700k if m not mistaken n da sold out or mayb we opt fr intermidate je fr below 500k la.

mai : SD bkt bandaraya tu design dia ala-ala aladin..huby kureng minat. same goes wit d kayangan project lebar daun.

mummy Darin said...

Hi, jadik ke beli rumah kat Alam Impian.. If Tinta sold-out u should try Nukilan, not bad jugak but now all the double storey dah naik almost 700K++ utk immediate...
And this is consider last property in Shah Alam with Freehold..

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