Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Received another new shipment from Ami~thescarvescube last week. tks dear. Suke!

Entry ni lambat sikit, coz i was too busy juggling with personal stuff n my work assignment.

Last month, I received these 3 lovely scarfs from Ami, Chelsea UK and i've booked another 5 pieces for March delivery. Thanks Ami.

Check out for more TieRack salesblog :-







Ninie said...

i pun bli kat amiey jgak...i loike ur 1st tie rack tu...2nd pun lawaa

reena said...

Thanks sebab bubuh my link here :)

snowiffy said...

ninie : i oso saw ur pic in those tie rack scarfs kan. mayb org2 yg terbaca ingat kita meniru each other but we actually sharing d same passion in beauty n support our muslim in UK yg berniaga. which i think x salah ;)

reena : i felt those r d useful infos utk dikongsi bersama peminat scarf yg lain ;)

Ami said...

Hi Yanie,
Thanks for promoting!Nie baru tgk your blog,i was busy with school work sebelum nie.dah ade update i will let you know,take care ;)

Mai said...

Arghh jealous nya..I suka TR in the middle tu...:)

TyracShop said...

Hye Yanie,

Thank you for putting up Tyracshop on your blog :)

If you don't mind, I'm linking your blog to mine :)

Hugs, TyracShop.com

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