Tuesday, February 3, 2009

homemade dinner

hubbyku sgt suka memasak especially western food and i jadi helper je. Our menu for tonight : grill-lamb with sauted mushroom sauce + caesar salad. special skit cos x payah makan luar ;) + terlanjur d tesco tu, we grabbed mana2 drinks n junk food yg diperlukn utk menemani kami menonton dvd .

'his' caesar salad


za said...

Hai, kak. I've been a silent reader at your blog for sometime now. Suka jugak baca entries akak, especially about the best eateries around KL :)

Sebenarnya, saya perasan ada botol Listerine kat gambar shopping akak tu. As far as I know, Listerine tak digalakkan among Muslims, sebab ada alkohol. Since we use it orally, and perhaps some 2-5 percent of it might be swallowed, it might tamper with our system.

Saya tak tau kalau akak pernah dengar pasal benda ni, but in case if I'm wrong, please let me know, eh.

Keep writing :)

yuhuuu said...

alamak.. erk..its me again..

TESCO also jewish company.. n sainsbury.. n m&s.... hmmm.. sorry .. just to remind our fellow muslimah & muslimin :)

snowiffy said...

za : thx for being my blog supporter. hehehe!! not much to blog about here but i mmg suka share useful infos i got and experienced daily. i hope u enjoy reading it. abt d listerine tu. i've no idea but will do more research about it. hv check d bottle but d ingredients doesn't shows it contains alcohol. nnti i cuba risik2 frm expert k.

yuhuuu : thks for d reminder! will keep in mind to boycott those places ..

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