Tuesday, February 3, 2009

jalan2 d the gardens

saje window shopping @ the gardens over d weekend but since sales r still on, terfikir juga nk beli beg baju utk balik kg raya cina nanti, fossil are giving 50% disc, we bought the leather duffle bag + belt, coin purse from B&L our fav cookies from M&S

stock cookies seminggu


ninie said...

M&S supports Israel. Please don't support them.

BTW... Love your beg collection

Shopaholic Mama said...

Hi Yanie

Glad you are back!

Fossil having a 50%, then its really worth it!

yuhuuu said...

yes yanie.. pleaseee.. dont buy M&S product... they are hardcore jewish.. and if im not mistaken the profit they make on saturday sales goes to israel.. (di uk la.. x tahu kat tmpt lain..) or 20% from annual profit goes to israel..its either way im not so sure..

but proven.. the israel goverment even voted M&S the best n biggest contributors to them..

just a thot..

love your bag collection too..
keep on blogging & pls dont privatise it :)

snowiffy said...

ninie n yuhuuu : m aware of d boycott but hubby insists to shop there, he said Giant is also own by christian chinese..jews juga! so tesco pun lebih kurang. Mayb kami akan kurangkan berbelanja at those places slowly ya. Tks for d info :)

SM : Yes, m back to blogging but silent doesn't mean i x baca ur blog tau ;)

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