Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We both went to Pavillion KL on saturday for shopping

christmas deco @ d loaf

eehhh see what i found???.......zzzooOOM laki siapakah ini????
Its LV Suhali Le Talentueux so gorgeous ok!!! (who r d lucky girl?)

and here's our catch of the day from d Pavi forest...

Cortefiel pumps n jeans fr me n working shoes fr him

felt in luv with tis sweetie peep toe slingback heels
La Senza chemise
See by Chloe'

dinner @ The Lodge Paradize Poolside cafe for the ginger beef gravy kueytiaw

there goes our sa-tur-day!!!


arie:) said...

Hi Yanie
I pun baru beli memborong kasut kat Cortefield...memang nice!! and ada diskaun plak tu...thru my observation, seems the brand tak berapa dikenali ramai lagi sbb kedai tu mcm selalu kosong jer....even though diskaun diorang kasi sampai 70%..huhu...

calla_lily said...

nice slingbacks :)

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