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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

BBQ dinner

umi : askum, u all buat apa sunday nite? free tak (conversation with MIL)

us : so far no plan yet. ada apa ya umi?

umi : bole kita buat BBQ dinner?
utk sambut menantu baru sekali, AwalMuharam sempena closing 2008, blablabla...

us : ok, no problem...

our duty is to prepare the seafood and salad, so we off to Carefour for shopping!!!!

menu : chicken, seaharm, salad, lamb, curry mee, salmon, shrip, squid n many more..yummy!!!

quick lunch @ KR


marinated chicken from neaty n our seafood line : salmon in terayaki, prawn butter d squid

caesar salad with thousand island and italian dressing sauce

chef @ work Mr B n his bro Qisti

family gathering

1 comment:

Nana said...

alamak ... kerang bakar!!! sedapppppppppnyeeeeeee!! dah more than a year since i makan kerang! OooOOoOoO rindu2!!!

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