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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Awal Muharam

Wishing All Muslim Salam Maal Hijrah H1430 Masehi 2008

cuti lagi and we off to D Curve for lunch @ Waroeng Penyet

Big Apple fr coffee

our catch of d day

we can't resist d offer for this Imperial Cuisine cutlery set from Living Quarters @ 84% sale!


~Eila @ Along~ said...

yanie..salam maal hiraj n happy new year 2009...wahh.bih apple..yummy!

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

salam maal hijrah to u too!
btw babe...i love ur dress tue...nice!

Naddy said...

cantik the cutlery set... hw much ek after less, if u dun mind me asking :)

snowiffy said...

eila : salam tahun baru islam n masehi to u too..moga dimurahkn rezeki u sekeluarga

verde : itu taste hubkins..dia pilih..n as usual i gayakn aje. thx babe

naddy : owh! d one in black tray yg baru beli. set of twelve n we paid rm280 only frm 1699. d other one we bought early tis yr @ 300+ from 700+ but set of six je

Naddy said...

whoahhh wat a good bargain! tadi pergi curve x masuk pulak...

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