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Thursday, January 19, 2012


never failed to tapau back Red Valvet cuppies bila singgah Delicious...

owh! i have a story to tell about ths special cuppies....

pada satu hari, tertapau la balik few cuppies frm One Utama outlet.
semangat berkobar-kobar nak makan, air liur pun dah meleleyyyy

tuptup! my 1st bite errkkkk!!! awat pahit noooh...."sib baik tak akit eyut"

sgt bitter ooOO itu cuppies! i thought it only happen to my 1st one, but nope... smua cuppies tu pahit yg amat! i tak tau apa yg buatkan dia bitter sgt cos m not good in baking :(

nk jadikan citer, mlm tu juga i email to Delicious mgmt fb, and i got a prompt reply from them
yes! eventho i tak perlu bwk cuppies ke outlet to return, i dibenarkan mengambil mana2 dessert di mana2 outlet worth of my 1st bill @ anytime.

all i can say! thumbs up! service Delicious ni mmg bagus and to Chef yg buat cuppies bitter tu, i rasa u pms kot hari tu hahaha! chill ya Chef Bob ;)

kpd peeps di luar sana!
jgn pulak uols reka citer semata-mata nk exchange dessert free-free ok...harus bangkrup Delicious nnti ;))


I.Q.W.A said...

RV die mmg x sedap la kak :(

YANI SLiM said...

iya ke??? mana lagi yg sedap ye??? Serai.. whisk?

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