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testimonials from happy users...

Not so wordless m excited to share some testimonials on BLS and other Unicity product from users. wait no more and experience the best from our worldclass product to make life better...

Hi Nancy,

Over the last 9 months I have been carefully watching and listening to the results people are having using our new product Bios Life Slim. At first I was highly skeptical, but I am now a believer. Since May when the product was officially launched, the success stories have been truly UNBELIEVABLE!. People are having amazing results on this product! (See testimonials below).

Because of the success of this product, there are Franchise Owners selling 100, 150, 200 and 250 boxes of Slim and earning $50 per box sold. I have never seen these types of results in my 17 year career with Unicity.

As you can imagine, the Franchise Owners who are working are fired up! My volume grew over $500,000 last month, the largest month-over-month increase I have experienced in the past 7 years. It is all because of Bios Life Slim.

If you are not already using Bios Life Slim, read the testimonials below. They are exciting to read. You can’t read these stories and deny the products working.

Save these testimonials and forward them to your prospective customers who are either skeptical or who want to learn more.

Todd Smith


My sister Julie a Franchise owner told me that she has lost 8 lbs and her husband 10 lbs on SLIM (in a month or less) . Wow she is truly a walking advertisement among the military who require “fit lean machines for their positions”.



I have to give you my update – I’m blown away!!

Even with missing one slim before a meal this weekend, drinking one after a meal when I remembered, munching pretty much the whole way home last night, and missing the tea and one LiFiber drink this weekend – I still measured a loss of over 2 inches this week!!!!

If I add up the last two weeks, I’m over 5 inches lost! Amazing – I don’t really feel it too much in my clothes because of course the inches are total body, but I really can notice it in the tummy bulge!! And the loss of cravings for sugar are amazing – I really wanted a chocolate muffin for breakfast this am – but had the meal replacement shake instead – wow it really does taste pretty good!

Thank you for happening into my life – you rock!!



I am almost afraid to tell you this as it seems too good to be true.

I have been on Bios Slim twice a day and Bios LIfe once a day (three altogether) for a week. I measured and weighed myself before I started. I wasn’t going to weigh or measure this early but I stepped on the scales and I am down 5#!!!!!

Is that possible??? I have lost 4″ already!!!!

I am most interested in getting the spare tire off and I haven’t lost any at my waist yet. This stuff is awesome!!!!

Joan, RN


I just want you to know, as you know my daughters situation, that in 1 week she has lost 3#”s and 5.25 inches. Ashley tipped the scale at over 200#’s and was devastated 1 week ago.

I praise God that she saw results so soon as she certainly needs the motivation and this has done it for her. This will help her heal and learn how to feel good about herself again after her loss. I pray that it continues for her!



From Christie ( Nuse Practitioner)

To date, I have lost about 5lbs, and 9inches after almost 7weeks, sleeping much better, have much improved digestive function and of course much energy.

I could have lost more weight if I was exercising, but my schedule is so hectic and I have not been able to dedicate time for exercise. My husband has lost about 4lbs and at least 6inches, has incredible energy and has become an advocate for SLIM. I put him on it because of his cholesterol as he doesn’t have much weight to worry about.


I’ve lost 10 lbs and 6 inches from my waist on Bios Life Slim!

I totally sound like an infomercial but oh well. Its working. With almost no effort on my part. Isn’t that what we all want? A magic pill, powder, whatever that makes you lose weight just by existing. Well, 10 days into it and its totally still working like magic. And yes, that math is right. 10 lbs in 10 days. Say what?

I’ve always felt that my body was somehow broken and thats why I don’t lose weight. Even with diet and exercise I’ll lose weight the first week or so and then its…..nothing. And then when I stop beating myself up at the gym and stop counting every freaking morsel of food that goes into my body, I gain back what I lost and then 5-10 lbs more. Its like I can’ never get ahead.

But drinking this little drink makes me think that it really is broken. And that its in the process of being repaired right now. That’s pretty much the whole premise behind Bios Life Slim.

Carol C.


Remember last week I had questions about SLIM? Guess what? All of a sudden (but after 8 weeks) Slim is working on me. We got dressed to go out on a dinner date. My pants were not tight and when I put my good belt on it was way too big. I had to find an old belt to wear. What happened?

Every one at diner was commenting on how thin I looked? Wait till I email my gang of twenty!



Please feel free to share with this with the team. I am so excited about the results I have had with SLIM. I have gone from size 18 to size 16.

The most incredible part is that the biggest changes have been in my legs where I have always carried most of my weight. The most amazing part is not just the weight loss but the increase in energy. I am walking and biking more and I am sure that helps.

The interesting part about it all is that I have only lost 3 pounds. The great part is that my husband can tells me my butt is shrinking!

Total Inches lost = 19.5 since April 13, 2008:

Chest = 8.0 “
Waist = 1.0″
Abdomen = 2.5 “
Hips = 1.0 “
Thighs = 3.0″
Upper Knee = 2.0″
Calves 1.5″
Ankles – 0.5″

Woo Whoo!



Thanks for you let me and Joy try slim first in Taiwan.

Do you know just 7 days I must change my jean from size L to M. That’s really amazing . my friend all said “you looks thinner” I just share the slim for them. We are looking forward slim come to Taiwan as soon as possible.

Thanks again

Jenny Huang


Rhonda is a receptionist for family practice doctor. She started using Bios and had blood drawn on Mar 7. She had it drawn again yesterday May 21. Here are her results. TC 206….. to 136….Trig 304 to 108 (almost a 200 point drop)

Ratio lowest ever in her words. She called me very excited to share her results, then added the doc she works for was very impressed.


I wanted to share this information with you as I am so excited. I saw my Dr. on Monday, she said there was no way I could have gotten the results this dramatic on medication alone. She also said that if I continued this good that there was a possibility that she would reduce my medication or discontinue it.

A little background first. In Jan. 2008 I decided to stop my cholesterol medication,(not a wise or smart move) and was only taking my Bios Life on a hit and miss bases. Had my lab work drawn on 2/1/08 and saw the Dr. She told me to start taking my medication again, which I did. She also sent me to a Diabetic Class.

I started my medication, my Bios Life, (then Bios Life Slim in April) and watched my diet, eating more high fiber foods. My lab work was redrawn on 4/29/08.

The following are my results.

2/1/08 4/29/08
Triglycerides 240 139
Cholesterol, Total 277 123
HDL Cholesterol 47 53
LDH Cholesterol 182 42

Hemoglobin A1c 6.9 6.3

And to add icing to the cake I now can get into a pair of jean shorts that I have not been able to wear in 4 years. Also a pair of capris that I bought last year. I could not get either pair zipped up and fastened at the waist. I have lost 10#s from 2/1/08. I might add my exercise level was very low, that is the only thing my Dr.has encouraged me to do increase my exercise to 3 times a week.

Bios Life Slim is my friend and just think of what I can do now by adding the exercise.

Katie, RN



Regarding my sister in law.. She already lost 13lbs and 3inches from waistline. My brother Ringo lost 16 lbs just by using it daily x ~12 weeks.



“Send Private Message to Debbie Amoedo” Debbie Amoedo shares a client story..

Updates from Wendy who has been using Slim for 6 days…. she is excited!

Ok – fast becoming a believer here. I know you said not to step on the scale, but I peeked yesterday, and I have lost 3 lbs already. I also measured today (a day early, but I wanted to know) and I have lost 1/2″ in the chest area, 1″ in the waist, 1/2″ on the hips, and 1/2″ on the thighs. A total of 2 1/2″ lost already………this in only 6 days!

I haven’t had any food cravings, and I have more energy than I have had in months…….I can actually feel the difference in my body, which I thought was just my mind trying to make me feel better, but the measuring tape verified what my body is feeling…………..


I am down at least 5 lbs (last weeks weight) and 2 inches on chest and hips and one inch on the waist since starting SLIM!



The bioslife slim is going great! What I like the best is how good I’ve been feeling. It must be all the vitamins and minerals in it! Could you send me 2 more months supply?

Do you still have my credit card number? You can charge it to that again. If you don’t have it, let me know. I’m even getting use to the taste of it. It sure does thicken up fast. Thanks much.



I’m at work so if you left it this morning I was already gone! It’s going well. With BLS, diet and exercise, I’ve lost about 4 lbs. since April 1. I haven’t taken measurements again yet…I will May 1. It fills me up and curbs my appetite a little more than regular bios life.

I will run out soon and would like to a another order of BLS. I would prefer the canister if you have it in that form. Thanks for checking on me!!



I want to let you know that I entered the SLIM contest. Since I have started on SLIM I have lost 4.5 inches and 3 pounds. I am so excited about this opportunity. Thank you Unicity.



Dr. Mays,

Haven’t seen you lately in the hospital. Just wanted to let you know how things are going. Actually I find the results a little hard to believe, but my clothes are proving it. Since 4/8 I have lost a total of 26 inches and 5 lbs. on Bios Life Slim.


Leslie K.






Good morning…. just had our 2nd. week weigh in: Bruce lost another 5 pounds & 2 inches = total 10 pounds & 4.25 inches, & I lost 3 pounds & 1.75 inches = total 6 pounds & 4.25 inches. I guess you know we are VERY happy.Talk to you soon.



I am down at least 5 lbs (last weeks weight) and 2 inches on chest and hips and one inch on the waist!



I lost 2 belt sizes and 5lbs since I saw you and started my SLIM. Enjuvenate is also awesome, from what I have ready about the pituitary, when it gets lazy its the main reason why men get a belly, the pituitary complex in enjuvanate is working unbeleivable, my body is transforming for the better for sure, muscles popping out everywhere. There is so much great protein and amino acids in this I would think it would be great to add this to any diet, its easy, take it every other day a hour before bed, can’t wait to add the liver essentials, I’m very excited, and I need 2 more boxes!!!



Lara lost 3inches in her waistline, she did not measure her hips. she certainly looks smaller .

I’m using it now too- I lost 2lbs in 4 days and 1 inch from my waistline.



I’ve been on Slim and Liver Essentials for 3 weeks. I’ve lost 6 lbs and 8 inches!!!!!! But the most amazing thing is that I for the first time in my life I feel FULL eating a normal amount of food. Plus I have not had a piece of chocolate for over 2 weeks……that in it’s self is amazing because chocolate is usually a MAJOR food group for me!!!!! So bottom line to that is big decrease in cravings. I LOVE Slim!!!



Hear are some additional stories on my slim clients:

Heidi told me she lost 5 inches in month.

Billie said she has so much more energy for just one week on slim.

Kathy said craving for ice cream when her family members are eating at night
are gone after two weeks.

Karen who went from complete to slim total cholesterol from 300 to 170.




I decided to check my measurements this morning, since I have been on Bios Life Slim for a month. I have lost an accumulative of five and a half inches.

I am excited about this as one goal of mine was to have my clothes fit somewhat looser. Now the goal is still to have the clothes fit looser; just about four sizes smaller. Since I am an older female (59yrs) I feel this is a great start. I have not (on propose) been exercising. Let’s see what happens this next month with exercise!




Tiney Ray….My story; I have been on the bios life for 2 weeks. I lost an inch on my waist and abs. My body fat was 16.9 now its 15.4

Ed …. Total Inches Lost 8 and Weight lost 14 Pounds…in less than 3 weeks on SLIM!

Remember my sis-in-law Lara? Well, she started Bios Slim 16 days ago- lost 8 lbs. also 2 inches less in her waistline!


Husband and Wife Results:

Results: Start Week 8

Tom: neck 16 1/2 16 1/4

chest 44 1/2 42 1/2

waist 38 37

weight 199.6 190

% body fat 24.3 22.6%

Cheryl chest 36 36

belly 33 1/2 31 1/4

hips 36 1/2 36 /12

weight 131.8 130.8

% fat 28.7% 27.1%

I was just wondering if you ordered the Bios Life Slim for me. I have a ten day supply left. I weighed myself today and lost 9 & 1/2lbs. I can tell from the way my clothes fit.

Sometimes I drink the Lean Complete everyday for breakfast or lunch and sometimes it’s every other day. It is very filling and I love the rich taste of the chocolate. Lately, I’ve been mixing chocolate and vanilla together as you suggested. I don’t have those hunger pangs in between meals and I don’t snack like I used to. I take my packet of Slim with me if we go out to eat. The packets are very convenient. I also like the Kashi cereal you recommended and look forward to eating it when I don’t drink the Lean Complete for breakfast.

Thanks for all your help. It’s a good feeling when you start seeing results.



Good Morning,

Our cruise is two weeks from tomorrow. I’m getting really excited! I don’t feel so bad in a bathing suit now that I lost a little weight and hopefully a couple more lbs before the cruise!!!!! It’s amazing how Bios Life Slim works and seeing results can really “perk up” a person. I am very positive about the Slim and the Lean Complete.

Let me know when the next shipment arrives.



Sunday update….Week 3 – no size different as far as measurements are concerned. I have lost about 7-8 pounds. Yippee! I feel really good. Walked 4 miles around town yesterday. So I will keep on goin!



Just wanted to let you know that after six weeks of BiosLife I had my lab testing and my Cholesterol dropped 54 points, Trig dropped 10, Risk Factor 3.0, LDL dropped 20 and I lost the 10 pounds Dr. Graeca wanted to see. I have had some gas and constipation problems, but nothing severe. I see the PA on Monday and I have my Physical August 8. Hope I can keep losing or at least stay the same until then. Also I did receive my next shipment on time.

Thank you,



So far I have lost around 12 pounds. I weighed myself at the gym around a month ago and I was 238. Last Thursday I weighed in at 226. As far as inches go, sorry I do not have an exact measurement but before this when I returned home from work it was all I could do to get out of my jeans due to the fact they were digging into my stomach so bad that they left marks in my stomach pretty much into the next morning. My waist jean size is 36 and now I pull them out of the dryer and bolt them on with absolutely no discomfort.



I have been using Bios Life Slim for 6 weeks. In 2 weeks I lost 8.25 inches! I was very excited! The next 2 weeks I lost another 2.5 inches. I had heard how people were no longer hungry but not me…I was still hungry. I was not able to go by those sweet rolls in the store and easily pass them up as I heard others say. I still wanted my 9:00pm snack. Then another Franchise Owner said she was taking Liver Essentials and was thrilled she was losing more fat since she started them. I ordered them and began taking them. I measured today and have now lost a total of 21.75 inches, head to toe!!! I see dimples in my cheeks…my face cheeks that is! My clothes are fitting much better. I actually put on a pair of pants I have not been able to wear in a year! Even my shoes are sliding up and down! Oh yes…I can pass up those sweet rolls now and I no longer need that evening snack. Today I’ve started walking and using some of that weight equipment in the basement. I did have to dust it off. You can imagine how excited I am about BL Slim.



Hi Jan,

Thanks for the chat today…

My check … my commission income for the month was $2741

I sold 94 boxes of Slim. Retail profit $4000.

Total income … $6741 for March


Hey Dana,
I am extremely lactose intolerant. I have noticed that when I take Bios Life Slim right before I eat dairy, that I am not sick afterward. Is this a plus in taking this on top of losing weight? Usually within minutes of eating dairy I will feel the symptoms coming on but this past week I have eaten more dairy at lunch and the side effects are hardly noticeable.

Just wanted to share that with you. Have a great day. Penny




My first 30 days on slim I have lost over 10 pounds and 11 inches. I eat 3 times a day with a snack in the afternoon and I am not looking for anything after dinner. I have not changed anything about the way I eat since I am already a pretty healthy eater, and I still enjoy my beer in the evening. I also try to work out at least 3 days a week.

I will take a picture of th 5 pounds of fat. I think that would be interesting for people to see.

Talk to you soon. Love ya

Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile


To report on Slim…. I spoke with a lady last evening whom I had seen last week in the office with her 18 year old daughter, and got talking about weight loss, diabetes, etc…. I sold the 18 y/o a box of slim and her mom told me last night that she has lost 9 lbs in 1 week! I did re-emphasize not to be watching the scales but to do the weekly measurements…..



I sold 7 Slim at the party and 2 more were purchasing from Gayla next day when had their checks. Also 1 Liver Essentials and 1 Lean Complete sold. So she now goes from no business to 9 ready for refills in a month plus those she sells to directly from now on.

It really went well and she is very happy and excited about Slim and Bios Life! One of the guests starting Slim was NP so Gayla has a potential partner right there.



TEAM.. THE EMAIL BELOW IS FROM A PHYSICIAN… SHARING HER OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.. I just started slim a few weeks ago, I could never eat any carbs without blowing up, I’ve been on the austerity program for years and years as I was an incredibly heavy kid, I weighted 172 at 15 1/2 and lost the weight and kept it off but it’s always been a battle! I’ve won but at a major cost. For the first time ever I can eat like a person! AND my clothes are getting loser! How insane is that!!! It is amazing.

Whatever cravings I had for sweet things are pretty much gone! I rarely gave into those cravings but I had them. I can’t wait to see what happens when I’ve actually been on the drink for 3 months!. I am never going off of bios slim and I want all my patients to drink it! I want everyone I know to drink it who needs it, which are plenty of people!!! The world is getting fatter and fatter.

I actually have to reach for calorie dense foods now (healthy ones! But still! I now eat when I’m hungry what I want and don’t think about calories, only about whether it’s healthy and if I am in the mood for it!). I drink it at the bus stop every morning and as I get smaller and smaller people are getting more and more interested! (not that I was huge, but my whole shape is changing!) needless to say my husband is thrilled




I just wanted to share that one of my patients who has been using Slim 3 x day, over the past few weeks has lost 12 lbs!! Needless to say she is very happy with the product. She has been doing some exercise–but nothing that would equate to 12 lbs wt loss.

Hope to send more great results as some more patients start using Bios Slim.

Beth Urban, RD CDE


I have struggled most of my adult life with too much fat and for the last 22 years with too much weight and unstable blood glucose. I developed Gestational Diabetes with my last pregnancy and have fought with this ever since. When I came to this company I weighed 362 lbs. Over the years I have lost a great deal of weight and at one time got down below 190 lbs. Then menopause happened to me eight years ago and up went my weight. There was nothing I could do to budge an inch or a lb. I have been on Bios Life Slim now for 6 1/2 weeks. At first nothing happened and then in my second week I noticed my bowel movements changed and my appetite was gone as well as all the cravings. I decided I would actually get on the scale again and I was shocked. I felt like I was losing inches but couldn’t see anything, but my weight had actually gone up 4 Lbs beyond my starting weight. I was not happy, and said there is no way I can sell this product. Then I stopped and thought about my body and knowing the facts about fat and liver, I came to the conclusion that my liver had gone fatty and reached for the Liver Essentials. 3 Days later I got on the scale again and I had not only lost the 4lbs I gained, but I had dropped 4 1/2 pounds below my starting weight. I was feeling better but the inch loss when I measured wasn’t anything worth writing down.

So I continued doing what I was supposed to do, drinking my Bios Life Slim and water, using Liver Essentials, watching what I was eating was easy because my appetite was under control and I had no cravings. I stayed away from the scale and measuring tape.

This week I needed to go to a funeral and I was getting dressed. As soon as I pulled my pants on, I immediately took them off. I needed to see what was going on. First I got on the scale. I had lost now a total of 9 lbs; I got out the measuring tape and as I measured I became more and more astonished. I started with my thighs because they were easy and then moved up.

These are the numbers


· 3 ” each thigh

· 8″ on my hips around my butt.

· 4 1/2 ” on my waist

· 6″ in my upper abdomen

· 1″ on each of my upper arms

You see the pants I was pulling on were the same pants I wore on Friday February 8th in Utah and this was February 27th, 19 days and they were too big :



On Bios Life SLIM, I’ve lost 3 inches in my abdomen, an inch and a half in my waist and 3/4 in each thigh People have noticed!



Please save me another box of slim! I know my husband sees a difference in me and mostly in my butt do I see a difference. I feel a little bit smaller in my rib cage area too! What I notice more than anything is that I can eat a “normal” amount of food and feel full, I have never really had that before.

My brain did not register the food that was going into my body and now it is. That is a really nice feeling.

Thanks so much,



She lost 4″-chest, 5″-waist, 3″- hips and 2″-thighs. On 4 weeks of slim and without a change in activity. She has been experiencing a definite. drop in hunger, and is not depriving herself.



I have to weigh in on my Slim experience. I have been taking it for about 4 weeks and the most notable effect is an incredible increase in energy. I have been plagued with fatigue and in general feeling “lousy” related to hormones and menopause. This has gone on for years now.

I have just returned from my journey to South Africa and am still waiting for the jet lag to catch up with me. Traditionally traveling east to Europe is much worse than going west. But in spite of a 36 hour trip with layovers each way, and basically not sleeping at all in the 24 hours of actual flight time each way, I am still waiting to crash.

I feel better than I have in years. Insomnia has been a serious problem for me along with waking in the morning feeling “muzzy”. I started to notice this improving before the trip, and it has continued. I am

convinced that this is related to a hormone change in my body, and wonder if the Slim, while rebalancing the “hunger hormones” is also affecting other hormones such as adrenals, thyroid, etc. Clearly Slim has far reaching health benefits.



Click on this link for more information on this amazing natural slimming product – Bios Life Slim!

NOTE: Bios Life Slim currently available for residents in USA, Germany, HongKong and Japan. For other countries, Slim is awaiting approval from local regulatory authorities.

Todd Smith Newsletter – Bios Life Testimonials


  1. Hi my name is Kristina and i am from Alberta. I started Bios life Slim 1 week ago and i absolutely love it! i am a believer now. I have no idea how it is doing what it is doing all i know it is working!! I have lost 5lbs so far and 10inches total from my neck down to my thighs!! and thats in 7 days of taking bios life slim. I did not exercise at all or even eat super healthy either!! this week i will be exercising and hoping to lose so much more weight and inches!! i drink mine at lunch and supper and take Liver Essentials 3 times a day. i have to drink mine mixed with chocolate milk and it is sooo yummy! i am so glad i decided to buy some best decision i have made in yrs lol

    articles taken from The Tods Smith Newslatter here

    I don’t know how a person who wants to lose weight can read these and not want to get started on Slim immediately.

    call/pm me for enquiry : yani +(6)012 2048141 or

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