Thursday, December 15, 2011

Join the ranks of Unicity Franchise Owners who are thriving in our Solid & Stable Success ...

Sharing by my great mentor Presidential Director Sha Ismail

Today was amazing...met up with 3 of my just joined in last month, shared with me she just quit her teaching line and she's motivated to focus on our Happy Life Project besides her passion for baking...and another partner came back after a long break n are ready to embark in this journey with me...the last appt I had today before my sharing of success story started, is a lady whom I met in Toa Payoh many months back..join me in this business but could not manage her time well with her busy working schedule...but now she has choose and decide, she's inspired by my transformation whom she has witness from Snr Manager to Presidential Director..and also she loves the concept of 5 years project and retire with passive massive income, she told me "you just tell me what to do n how to start, I'll follow and copy you exactly so that me too can get that success!"

And now at home while packing my stuff in my luggage for my departure tomorrow, received an excited SMS followed by her phone's from my dear partner whom in just 1 month she uprank to Senior Manager..she nearly screamed of joy coz she happen to see her commission payout via our Unicity website..she has never dreamed to receive a cheque figure of nearly SGD1000 in just 1 month embracing our Happy Life Project...she says as a housewife, I've never seen this much money only after 1 month joining..and even she has her own business, this amount of money in a short period of time is impossible...and she made a promise, she gonna put more right action and will continue to share with other people since she herself now has gotten the result!

m in love with the product and the biz plan which is simple to duplicate

Mr Christopher Kim, President Unicity Asia Pacific

Bersama mentor Asia Presidential Sapphire Lim Eng Hai dan Presidential Director Sha Ismai in this great project !

Latiffa seorang suri rumah gembira dengan jawatan baru di Unicity sebagai Manager. Project mudah kerana biz di hujung jari. Unicity menawarkan virtual office utk dikendali...

sebilangan besar dari pengusaha kosmetik yg mempunyai jenama sendiri amat tertarik dengan produk + Happy Life Project yg senang dan tidak memerlukan masa yg byk
sambilsambil hi-tea sambil share biz stragegy dan ilmu. mmg berbaloi! badan cantik + kesihatan juga terjamin!

our Senior Manager Aniza Adnan

Ifa pengusaha spa terkemuka di Kuala Lumpur juga menyertai Happy Life Project! org da cantik pun masih nak sihat dan cantik dan SLiM terbukti memberikan kepuasan. anda bagaimana???

produk digemari sebilangan besar artis

Ira Unicity Manager engineering graduate inginkan 3 kebebasan penting iaitu kesihatan, masa dan kewangan menjadikan Happy Life Project Plan B dlm hidupnya..
we cannot predict the future and anything cud happe. therefore she join Happy Life Project as a plan B

Manager Zeila is now collaborating with her hubby in Happy LIfe Project!
Pasangan ini bermula dengan kecintaan pd produk SLIM + Detox dan Bios Enenrgy dan kini beliau berkongsi dengan semua yg berminat samada utk SLiM cara sihat dan jana extra income utk tabung family

shahirah seorg suri rumah juga mengambil peluang untuk mendapatkan Happy Life dengan menyertai Bios Life Franchise Owner's chain

Due to over-whelming response on SLiM we are now looking for more Malaysian in Penisular, Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei & Indonesia to cater the market @ your place...

Be our SLiM abassador! Share you testimony with others and get paid starting from 4 figure onwards!!!

Happy Life Project is just amazing!

lets find a way to make extra income during the difficult months!

join us?

012 2048141

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