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The Unipower leaders took less than 10 years to build their empire!



Chavish Kim (Khun Joe)

World 3rd highest rank income in network marketing!

Khun Joe grew up in Bangkok, with experience in construction. He loved super cars, and had many of them…via magazine pictures. He realized he didn’t like being an employee. He wanted to dream, and be his own man.

With Unicity, he found a way to begin dreaming. Joe has reached his dreams, but they are bigger than he ever imagined. In the last two years, his Unicity business has allowed him to “retire” and focus on helping others realize their dreams.

He was awarded a real Lamborghini super car for reaching the Chairman’s Club rank of Triple Diamond. Quoting Joe ” The important thing is Unicity makes it possible to have success quickly and retire with long term success.”

Rasa Comeban (Khun Rasa)

Khun Rasa grew up in poor Thailand in a small home that she remembers well. Many times at night, her mother would read a small book and cry. As Rasa grew older, she realized the book was the bank book, and her mom cried because they had no money.

Today Rasa lives quite a different life. She has her Father and Mother living in her mansion, with all their needs taken care of. Rasa and her husband drive fancy cars, live a wonderful life, while Rasa takes time to give back to those around her that are in need.

This success has come because of her success as a Unicity franchise owner.

“I don’t think it was an accident. I really believe that God sent Unicity to me.”

Rasa was awarded her own Lamborghini when she became a Triple Diamond like her upline leader, Khun Joe.

Phawadon Nasareerat (Khun Kei)

Khun Kei was very careless in his family, careless with his money, time and health and not concerned about his family either. When one day he caused some big problems in his life and his famil faced a crisis, Khun Kei father died and left his mother alone. Khun Kei father was the pillar of his house. When he left, the pillar was gone…all security of his life was gone. It caused him to began searching something good to do. When oneday he meet Khun Rasa his life change making light come to his life and his family’s life.

Khun Kei wasn’t very rich in things of the world when he started Happy Life Project, but he was rich in his dream. He always say to other “no matter how you were born, you need to be rich in dreams. If you have this you will become Diamond for sure”

Khun Kei using 2 and half year success in Happy Life Project ,making his family much more comfortable. Life is better and more secure for them now!


Nagorn Kraironnapoom

(Khun A)

Khun A came from rich family from Buriram,Thailand.He got lot of family business real estate,cabel tv,sport club and funiture business.When the first time Khun Rasa come and recommend him a about "Happy Life Project", He told her that a richman like him would not do this kind of business. In 2 year time Khun Rasa come again driving Benz E class he was impress by the result that Khun Rasa get in 2 years time.

And so Khun A join the Happy Life Project and learn what different between Being Rich and Financial Freedom, after sometime doing Happy Life Project he walk out of his family business and use 4 years time become one of the World Class leader and coach for Happy Life Project.

Suppasawat Waimat

(Khun Jack)

Khun Jack is world class coach for Happy Life Project he have help a lot of people to have better life and he is love by all Happy Life Project Distributor from all over the world.

He used to be steward of a reknown company in Thailand after was introduce by his best friend about "Happy Life Project" and ask Khun Jack when will he be able to retire?…Then his best friend ask him to look at the oldest senior steward how much income he get. Making break throught for Khun Jack he use only 1 year time get double his income from steward and retire from being steward and 1 more year have passive life from Happy life Project.

Sorrapop Sornsern

(Khun Boo)


Khun Boo come from what you ok life, he become a steward of reknown company in Thailand. When he saw Khun Jact retire he was curios and ask Khun Jack about "Happy Life Project", just in one month time he got 3,000 USD.

He use only two years time to retire from steward and help other to make life better ,coaching Happy Life Project.

Wandee Bunthon

(Khun Aong)


Khun Aong come from poor family in southern part of Thailand,but the word poor never shown in her dictionary.She work hard,study hard graduate Marketing Bachelor Degree and create Southern Thailand biggest Organizer company “We Done Provider Inc”,she have to exchange health with the time and money from organizer business.Every time done one project from organizer biz she has to sleep at hospital at least one day.

She was recommended to Happy life project from Khun Boo.They are very best friend when they study Bachelor Degree.Khun Boo use 2 years time to invite Khun Aong to join Happy Life Project.

Khun Aong is the perfect example of someone joining Happy Life Project, who use Unipower System 100% and got income as step from Happy Life Project and enjoying her Time, Health and Financial Freedom now!

Willyanto Chaikul

(Khun Will Chan)

Khun Will family do real estate and some stock marketing. He very curios why someone like P Aong who got such big company do "Happy Life Project". Luckly for him when he got chance to meet Khun Jack and talk about Happy Life Project he join the project without second though that time.

Happy Life Project change Khun Will life a lot. He say "Never saw any biz that build leader like Happy Life Project. Never saw any network biz can give such passive income so fast time!"

Happy Life Project not only give you financial freedom, time freedom and health freedom but also give you best environment for your family and new family.

Don't be skeptical about network marketing...we can proof that you'll Happy Life Project will bring you on the right track with Unipower System, a proven system to achieve true financial freedom, where one will also have the time and the health to live life to the fullest! Lets make a date with me to know more about ths exciting project!


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