Saturday, October 1, 2011

Join Now As A Franchise Owner! Real Business! Real Money!

Join us in "Happy Life Project" and you can maximize you business with Bios Life Master Franchise System

The Bios Life Slim Franchise is a ground-breaking concept in the franchise industry. It offers people from all backgrounds an opportunity to take control of their financial futures and start their own franchises working part-time or full-time.

Unlike most franchises that require large startup costs, ongoing overhead and fixed costs, a Bios Life Slim Franchise is accessible and affordable to almost anyone who wants to own their own business.

The opportunity is all around you—an estimated 130 million US adults are overweight or obese. In fact, there are more overweight people than people afflicted by cancer, diabetes, or heart disease. On average, every day in America, more than 100,000 people start some sort of weight management program. In addition, more than $100 million dollars are spent on weight management foods and programs every day of the year. Bios Life Slim provides a breakthrough in weight loss – something unseen for over 30 years – a natural product that works with your body to simply assist in weight loss. It’s easy to see that a Bios Life Slim Franchise is an opportunity to change your life forever.

Business Model

With the Bios Life Slim Franchise model, Franchise Owners buy products at wholesale, sell them at retail, and keep the entire profit. The Bios Life Slim Franchise Business Model is about generating real-time profit immediately and long-term residual income as you build. Bonuses, recognition awards and rewards trips add excitement to each phase of your Franchise’s growth. This financial model allows our Franchise Owners to choose the extent of their involvement. If they want to solely focus on marketing Bios Life Slim (and other Unicity products), they can earn several hundred or even thousands of dollars a month. If they want to help attract and train other Franchise Owners, they have the potential to earn a six-figure annual income—an income level that has been reached by numerous Franchise Owners.

Training and Support

Unicity International is committed to being your partner on your journey to success. Bios Life Slim Franchise Owners are provided first-rate training and support materials as part of the Franchise program:

1. –a dynamic website to teach you everything you need to know about Slim. Includes real-world testimonials, engaging videos and a special e-community where customers can track their success online and interact on the Slim Message Board.

2. Franchise Office – an online virtual office for Franchise Owners to effectively manage their growing business. Includes volume, order tracking and commissions information.

3. Customer Service – Trained with your success in mind, Unicity International’s Customer Service group is dedicated to helping you with ordering product, signing up new Franchise Owners and inquiries about your Franchise.

4. Franchise News – weekly, comprehensive e-newsletter regarding the latest trends and tips.
Access to leading-edge training and development is key to building a successful enterprise. Each Bios Life Franchise Owner receives the support they need to achieve their business objectives. You are invited to Global Convention and Convention of the Americas to gather with other Franchise Owners, learn about new tools and products and mingle with Unicity International’s executive team.

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