Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bios Life Complete~The perfect Cholesterol Care!

Sharing by our "Happy Life Project" partner from Spore - Dila Jazzy

Bios Life is easy to use, and I have taken it religiously 3 times a day. I have high cholesterol but have never taken any product to treat the problem. I learned about Bios Life when my doctor recommended it at one of my visits. In six weeks, my total cholesterol dropped 18% and my LDL levels had dropped from 166 to 128".

"My family has a genetic history of ...high triglycerides that makes it near impossible to get a reading on my HDL or LDL cholesterol levels. As a result of this, my doctor prescribed statin drugs to help reduce this about 5 years ago".

After just 6 weeks of taking Bios Life, my blood test results show an additional 20% reduction in my triglyceride levels BEYOND what the statin drugs had done alone".

"I make regular visits to my doctor to have my cholesterol checked. At one blood test, my cholesterol levels were slightly raised, so I started Bios Life. My records show the best proof that the product works. My total cholesterol dropped 20%, my LDL levels dropped 25%, and my HDL levels raised 8%."

"My cholesterol was quite high when I first visited my doctor a few years ago. I was not aware of any high cholesterol history in my family and was quite concerned since my husband and I have always been very health conscious. My doctor had been treating me with a statin drug, but I wanted to find a natural approach that would allow me to be on one less medication. I have been faithful in taking Bios Life and have reduced my cholesterol from 247 down to 193 in only 12 weeks. That is a very significant improvement!"

"My cholesterol levels were very high and ever since I tried Bios Life, I realized I could put away my doctor's prescriptions. My bad cholesterol (LDL) went down 36 points after faithfully taking Bios Life for 6 weeks. And to my greater surprise, my good cholesterol (HDL) went up as well. "

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