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Thailand Business tycoon joined "Happy Life Project"

Unicity is a world class business, mempunyai jaringan perniagaan di serata dunia, Unipower system adalah adil dan saksama serta professional team yg membantu in guiding u on the right track to accomplish these project in a very short period :)

even the business owner for a giant company in Thailand has joined Happy Life Project for the passive income...

for us yg masih ternanti2 peluang! grab ths chance kerana ianya TIDAK merugikan ;)

Pada seminar yg berlangsung baru2 ini, di Singapore... anak kepada business owner Delta Paints Thailand berkongsi cerita ttg penglibatannya dlm project yg dianggap remeh utk sebilangan org...

What is the VALUE of your job?
If you are passionate with your job, are you passionate with your income too?
If you given a choice, what would you choose....?

Choose a looking good job & try to be passionate and work for 20-30 years,
or prepare to work hard for a short period of time (3-5years) HAPPY LIFE PROJECT

If this young men can see his possibility, why not U?

Why would a swathe, well educated, second-generation business owner, born into a big family business that is a household name in Thailand (Delta Paints) get involved in Unicity? Yes, Khun Bel (Ronnarit) wondered about that question for quite a while after being initially approached, and didn't take the offer seriously, until he saw

1) the business comes with a system and KPI that works predictably and produces returns many times bigger than conventional business;

2) the business is an unusual business model that attracts thousands of people together, and gives him the opportunity to make a contribution to many through loving, caring and sharing. He took one year to be convinced, and a few more months to be humbled to learn and follow the system, but when he did, he soared to Executive Director, making a few hundred thousand baht a month within 6 months. It works for him too :)

Aug 20th, Mr Ronnarit Tan a.k.a. Khun Bel, was in Singapore n shared his dramatic story - why he choose to get involved in The Happy Life Project instead of fulfilling his prior preset destiny of running his family's paints business, being the eldest son in the 2nd generation? In a little more than a year, Khun Bel is also one of the Presidential Directors in Unicity, and is leading the charge in Thailand to show the road to a balanced and complete life to high-profile business people and top-notch professionals.

Sharing by PD Eng Hai during the Making Life Better Seminar in Singapore on last Aug 2011.

"Passive Income was to me like a Loch Ness Monster. It's something I heard about but never did see .. Until I met the successful leaders in Unicity and The Happy Life Project," says Presidential Director Khun Ronnarit Tan a.k.a. Khun Bel. The swathe 31-year-old who is concurrently CEO of his family's Delta Paints business was in Singapore to share his journey into and through The Project, a powerful model that enables people to retire with massive passive income in 3-5 years.

This is a proof that a person yg sedia kaya raya dan berduit akan membuatkan duit bekerja untuk mereka to gain Health, Time and Money FREEDOM....utk kita yg masih ternanti2, apa tunggu lagi?...da rasa diri kaya sgt ke?......

The below article was taken from Bangkok Post published in July 2009 about Khun Bel business.

Delta Paint Co aims to increase the quality of its products while lowering its power bills by 70% through an investment in new production technology.

MrRonnarit (left) and Juergen Baumann, executive managerof Netzsche Feinmaltechnik GmbH, yesterday announce the purchase by Delta Paint of the new painting machinery, the first in Southeast Asia that uses vacuum technology. PHRAKRIT JUNTAWONG

The building-paint producer has acquired the 120-million-baht machinery that uses a vacuum painting technology from German-based Netzsche Feinmaltechnik GmbH, the 136-year-old specialist in grinding and dispersing machinery for particle reduction. The programmable logic control software will enable the machine to produce paint that is twice as fine and more durable and has better coverage.

Delta Paint assistant managing director Ronnarit Tangkaravakoon said the new technology required 70% less power than conventional mixers when compared to older machines.

The new product line is to be launched in the third quarter of this year under the vacuum paint technology concept.

With last year's sales at around 900 million baht, the company expects a 10% increase in sales to around 1 billion baht this year, said Mr Ronnarit. Its income in the first half of this year was around 600 million baht.

Delta Paint's two factories have a combined production capacity of around 24 million litres per year. The new machine will increase it to 72 million litres within three to five years. It has production capacity of up to 60 tonnes per shift per day.

As for the marketing strategy in the second half of the year, Delta Paint will continue to focus on maintaining its customer base and developing over 1,500 of its marketing channels by holding seminars on customer service and product knowledge.

According to Mr Ronnarit, Delta Paint distributes around 70% of its products to traditional and modern trading channels while 30% is distributed to real estate projects. Around 50% of its sales are in Bangkok, with around 10% exported through its dealers.

Delta Paint's sales and marketing promotion budget is around 40-50 million baht for the whole year.

Delta's flagship products include Delta Shield, which is used as a top coat, and Toptech Primer. Both are positioned for the premium segment.

Delta commands a 10% share in the building paint market worth around 12 billion baht, said Mr Ronnarit.

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m open for appointment to share with you what is Happy Life Project is all about....




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