Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tips Of The Day...

Tip of the Day!

i've got another tip for those who drink Bios LIfe Slim..to be more effective, after drinking Slim, 10mins strictly no food at all..leave it to work in your system first..and best if you can wait till 20mins then you start to eat your meal..then when you eat, eat what you want during that session..eg, if you want to hav
......e a taste of ice-cream, chocolate or any dessert, have it together with your meal..do not take it after hours of your meal..coz when you eat together with your meal, Bios life slim is already in your system awaiting to do it's duty burning the fats off your body...and remember to chew your food slowly...nvr gobble your food.

Also the 4-4-12 hours tips...after meal, minimum of 4 hours you are not supposed to have any food in your system..let it digest the old food first...this is what you call a healthy eating habit which you wil cultivate and you will do good even when one day you have stop taking Slim.

Good luck ;)



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