Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You Are Not Alone...

Hear it from PD Shalina - After about 1 year i've been so active in consuming and also sharing Bios Life Slim to everyone, I began to realise there is a little secret that everyone should know if you want to see and feel good result after consuming Bios life slim.

The little secret is that you have to ENJOY your slimming journey with Bios life ...slim. You dont have to stress yourself whether will this work or not? or must i change my diet? oh no, my tummy bloated now, what should i do? I believe all these little voices are always in your mind. Throw that away. Dont even look at the scale. Just remember to drink bios life slim 15mins before your meal. Enjoy your deserve food. Remember the 4-4-12 hrs in between meal rules.

Do not be paranoid or fear...this may disrupt your slimming journey! . You just do the above, and you be amazed by the result. You will shrink without you notice, your face will radiate, you be more energetic and lots more.

Trust me my friends...Enjoy your journey and you will love it so much!

Her words & motivation constantly keep us going… All of us went thru the same process… the little voices are always playing in our mind
I never poo yet for 3 days leh?
• I always forget to drink the tea and Bios Life Slim, how?
• My tummy bloated? How long?
• Iv been pooing few times, is this normal?
• Can I be slim like you? Will tis work on me?
• What if I accidentally eat ONE epok2x during the 4-4-12 hrs?

And there are also the HAPPY voices
I tot the tummy pain like diarrhoea, oh its not!
• I feel so soooo good after pooing! It’s a different feeling!
• I will never leave home without this!
• I always feel full, last time I like to snacks, now I seldom snacks!
• I can run better when I go jogging. I can even run after my kids!
• No more body aching! Feel so energetic!
• My weight remains the same but I lost 2 inches!
• My frns said my freckles are lighter n i look radiant now!

To my dear consumers, this product helps to shrink your size, it burns your fats and do not focus on the scale anymore but measurement :) N if you are disciplined n follow the guidelines, u will achieve more results... try to consume the products regularly to obtain the maximum benefits of the products...

For those who have yet to see results for themselves, even after the first or second box... pls dun b disheartened, bcos Bios Life Slim is no magic potion, your fats in your body have been with you all these years...it definitely takes time to lose it all.. you may add Paraway or Lifibre for a better body cleansing.. of cos, it takes a little bit more time to work together with your body...n a full 3 mth for the process to TRAIN yr body to burn fats to b permanent... :) credit to chloe


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