Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How Bios Life Slim Helps Type 2 Diabetics and Pre Diabetics Who Are Also...

Millions of Diabetics and Pre-diabetics are struggling to lower and stabilize their blood sugar levels. Not surprisingly, there are a multitude of natural supplements promising answers.

Yet, as you've probably discovered, most of those answers don't do anything to help balance blood sugar LONG TERM.

What sets Bios Life Slim apart is the following:

There are human clinical studies that clearly show Bios Life helps Diabetics and Pre-Diabetics to begin lowering and balancing their blood sugar in two ways, almost immediately.

The Biosphere Fiber in Bios Life Slim™ moderates blood glucose (sugar) levels through two mechanisms:

1. It delays the absorption of glucose, so blood glucose does not reach extreme levels. This relieves stress on the pancreas, and allows it to produce the correct amount of insulin to facilitate glucose absorption into your cells. The same amount of glucose is eventually absorbed - it just takes more time to absorb it.

2. Biosphere Fiber also moderates glucose levels by changing the glycemic index of the food. Some foods cause a high level of blood sugar, while others cause a low level of blood sugar. The interaction of Bios Life Slim™ with the food reduces the overall level of blood glucose levels, and spreads out glucose absorption over a longer period of time.

We have not even begun to talk about the ways in which Bios Life Slim™ helps in safe and natural fat burning (no stimulants), which is the key to a long term answer in reversing Diabetes naturally.

If you've tried the rest, find out why hundreds of Physicians & other medical and health care professionals are recommending patent protected and clinically proven Bios Life Slim to their patients.

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