Thursday, July 14, 2011

They did it together!!!

Holaaaa couple!

Grab the Get Slim 90 days Challenge Together ;)

and yes! they did it!!! they went tru the slimming journey together :)

anda bila lagi???

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Sharing another testimony from Dila's consumer

Reasons why im so happy for u Fazz & Fata...

When i bumped into you last nite, i was shocked to see you especially your hubby... I was jumping hahahaha.. Izan was telling me tat u & your hubby now look super good.. Even when i met Ghani at pasar geylang, he said Fata's tummy getting smaller n smaller.. This is one of my happiest moment........ to see You & Fata gets healthier.. and i remembered u r among the first few that enquire on Bios Life Slim and i understand if u have tat skeptic feelin.. (u r not the only one) everybody was like look see look see n wait... until jeng jeng jeng 1 by 1 of our ex-pingyians took the pdts n all are looking great! Today You & Fata looks amazing...

Testimony from a mother of 6
Lets here from Fazz, "Thanks to Dilla for introducing this fantastic supplements to me. Me n my husband have always wanted to lost weight – and at the same time to stay healthy. Hubby started to gain weight after his job as a taxi driver. His tummy becoming bigger & bloated - as we love to go for our supper and his blood pressure shoot up (he never have BP problem before). And becos we enjoy going supper, we gain more weight. But after consuming nature’s tea + chlorophyll & Bios Life Slim, we can see the great diff in us. We lost weight & inches. And the best part, Hubby went for his BP check up and his BP is back to normal.

Hubby just bought a pair of jeans just before he consume this products n now he can wear the jeans without a belt. He is a happier & healthier person after consuming this products becos he can be back on his feet again playing soccer/futsal with friends. He’s unable to play soccer before as he cant run and get tired easily. There is once he really wanted to play soccer, he just run for 1 min and he looked pale. However now… he can run…. he can play soccer… yuhooo..

For Me, I have never been skinny or slim before. So loosing weight is never in my mind. And I have NEVER believe in supplements or slimming products. After seeing 1 of my classmate looking great after this product. I asked Dilla abt this, and I myself cant believe it. I bought the tea on the spot. And never did I regret taking the tea / chlorophyll.. I have always had problem going to the toilet. And now I feel lighter and healthier me…I lost weight / inches. Look at our recent pictures.

To my dearest frens, im merely sharing frm the bottom of my heart..I was VERY skeptical at first and $$$ is also an issue but after taking the pdts, I fully understand why many of ex-schmates are taking it! Now even my family n frens r taking it too! TQ my frens for supporting me n giving me the encouragement! Now many people commented I dun look like a mother of 6!

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