Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Energy Drink! Bios Life E

Hi lovely readers n peeps!

Presenting to you, Bios Life E - the Smart Energy Drink!

Bios Life E is an energy-booster & has 4 times more anti-oxidant capacity than Wolf berries, 20 times that of Acai Berries, and 70 times that of a glass of Orange Juice!

**Recommended for:

- Athletes,
- Footballers,
- Shift-workers,
- Odd laborers,
- Taxi-drivers,
- Photographers who do editing
- Party-goers who often have late nites
- Students above 12 yrs old who burn midnight oil to study
- even for those who's dieting cos Bios Life E helps to curb cravings, increase thermogenesis, burn calories & provide a feeling of fullness.

We have learned that beside boosting our energy for more than 3-4 hours, it also helps to enhance our slimming process and anti-aging. Which means, if you mix Bios Life Slim with Bios Life E, your slimming result will be more greater and also at the same time you will get more energy to boost your day! For this new mix, recommended only for Breakfast or Lunch meal.


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