Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Story of my PD ;)

She inspired me i in so many ways...n m sharing this with uols :)

Unicity, Presidential Director, Shalina Ismail

If your excuses of not being successful are due to time constraint, then read my journey and think again what you have just said. No word can describe my feelings when just after enjoying my days as Senior Director, in the next 3 months, I’ve again achieved another rank, Executive Director.

I remembered when tears rolled down my cheek during our recognition day in Unicity office. The day that I will remember always. I cried as I myself couldn’t believe I could make it this far, and at that time I am still holding on to at least 2 jobs as a Marketing Manager and Part-time business trainer for Secondary school students (previously I’ve tour guiding & Mrs Spore obligations too).

Not only that, when I saw that Unicity office was FULL HOUSE, only left with standing room and not only me achieved as Executive Director but at the same time I’ve also raised up 1 Senior Director, 3 Directors and many EM, SM and Managers. Almost 90% of the names called up to the stage are from my team. I couldn’t stop tearing seeing all my ‘angels’. It’s a remarkable achievement for me.

This business taught me one thing, LOVE. With love, it’s not only me whom has a taste of success but the whole of my team too! My unconditional love to my leaders and team was really powerful. Upon achieving my Executive Director, I’ve seen my cheque increased. No longer a 4-figure income but it’s a 5-figure income. Oh God, I do not know how to thank You enough. For so many years, since the age of 16, I’ve never stopped working. I struggle to makes ends meet till I’ve to work up to 3 jobs at a time. Never in my life I could see a 5-figure digit in my bank account.

I became more inspired and motivated to achieve more in our Happy Life Project. Without thinking any longer, I quitted my full-time job as Marketing Manager. When I could pay up all my expenses with the cheque I’ve gotten from Unicity, I knew that its time for me to do that step. And I did it! Now I just left with teaching as and when they have project for me as this is a part I could give back to the community. It is no longer about the money but its passion. Unipower System is a world-class system where it makes things so much easier for us to achieve the ranks. I just need to work and play hard and also not forgetting keep on enrolling each and every one of my team to just follow the system closely.

My heartfelt thanks to Unicity for the great support, to my Great Leader Khun Joe for the UnipowerSystem, to my Leaders and Mentors in Singapore, Malaysia and all over the world..you have never fail to inspire me always..and lastly to myself, with my 100% belief, it works! To everyone, never use time constraint as excuses anymore. If I can do it, everyone else can too *and the story of myself continues....stay tuned!

For those who are still contemplating to start their journey wait Unicity...do not wait! Join us in Happy Life Project to Make Life Better :)


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