Monday, July 11, 2011

Distance Doesnt Matter!

Lets Make the "Happy Life Project" possible to anyone, anytime and anywhere...

Join our home-base franchise owner chain for massive & passive income!!!

In this business

its all about teamwork!

we work hand in hand

no matter where we are

terharu juga dgn sokongan yg diberikan daripada team di Singapura. jarak bukan penghalang untuk kita berbusiness!

dan inilah buktinya!....

Everybody, meet Haryani.. We met at FB... We became friends..

Yani is from Malaysia.. We are from Singapore.. Yani is a Secretary in the day.. However she has an entrepreneur "full day mindset".. Yani has ventured into numerous biz.. She has been conned n cheated many times… She has received tons of empty promises.. But with these setbacks, it didn’t stop her into venturing more..

Today, she is in love with Happy Life Project.. She love our Unicity Products.. She is one of my fast rising star..

Kudos to my sister, Puteri Congeniality for spreading her wings oversea.. There are no boundaries to where we want to build our biz.. even when I AM NOT physically there... There are FB, Blackberry, YM, MSN, Skype

.. Also, we have wonderful leaders from Singapore whom flew to KL to help my organisation.. TQ very much PD Sha Ismail The teamwork is really amazing!!! Malaysia, Indonesia, India, German, New Zealand, Brunei, Hongkong, China, Australia etc are waiting for you... Congrats Haryani... keep it going.. U gonna get there... Peeps out there ~ Partner with us part time or full time wherever you are.. We offer a turn-key solution to those who are wanting a whole new income opportunity or for those just looking for a way to supplement their income part-time. This solution—the Bios Life Franchise—is the only home-based franchise of its kind where there are no boundaries to where you wanna build it.. join our Happy Life Project.. Its for you..

Many thanks to Dir Dila Jazzy & team for the support *hugs*



+6012 2048141

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