Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Step For Slimmer You During Ramadhan

Ramadhan sticky post, pls scroll down for new entry

Fasting month is just a few days away...

We've created this specially to all friends, this is the steps to the new slimmer you during Ramadhan :)

(eating while it still dawn, before fasting started for the day)

Once you wakes up, immediately take 2-5 capsules of Paraway Plus

If you have Lifibre, consume it 10 mins after Paraway Plus

While preparing for your sahur meal, drink you Bios Life Slim
(best if you could mix Bios Life Slim and Bios Life E - the smart enegry drink

After 10-15 mins, start eating your meal :)

(breaking fast after 7pm)

Once its Azan Maghrib (prayer call) drink your Bios Life Slim + 1 seed of kurma

Do your prayer first, by then its already 15 mins

You can have your meal :)

Before bedtime,
remember to soak your Nature's Tea and drink it 15-20 mins of soak

* Drink Chlorophyll 1 x daily (anytime) during this journey ;)

Enjoy your slimming journey and if you have not order yours...order them now :)


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