Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bios Life Slim~Real life testimonial

For the past 4 years I've been overweight by 20kg & since then
I've been suffering with several problems.. My blood circulation
was so bad that my legs were easily bruised. Feeling depressed,
I impulsively spent $28k 0n 3 slimming centres & anything that
'promised' to give me back my ideal weight.... but FAILED!!
Losing hope, L0w self-esteem, Depressi0n & even suicidal
.......BUT s0meh0w in Dec 2009 my life start t0 change
when I was intr0duced t0 BIOS Life Slim. (Ieven cancelled my
invasive plan...Liposucti0n which was
due last ApriL) Hereby I would like to share with myLovely friends
out there who's still battling with weightproblems.....tho I am still
5kg away from my idealweight, losing 15kg in 5 weeks will never be
possible without BIOS Life Slim. Million thanxto Mrs Singapore 2009,
Sha Ismail wh0 cameinto dis ordinary girl's life & lifted up her spirits
again.......*joyful tears*

When I was younger....losing weight & beingslim is only about vanity
& beauty BUT as ageis catching up, that statement turns secondary
to me as what's most important to me now isabout living Healthy.
Having a family historyof diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity,
osteoporosis etc & especially seeing theyoungest aunt in the family
limping,walking with a stick & undergone aknee surgery as her weak knees
could not carry her body weight....it gives me a warning thatI shd start
doin somethingabout my excess kilos, breathlessness,water retention,
poor blood circulation.look at my swollen face & bruised legs. (left pic)

NOW that I have managed to shed offthe kilos, I really would like to
share myhappiness with families & friends outthere who's still battling
with weight problems.

BIOS LIFE SLIM is the Best c0l0n-Cleansing & Det0x Pr0gram that I can't
live with0ut! It has pr0ved t0 be betterthan any slimming centres that I've
wasted t0....esp the 0ne currentlyadvertising 0n TV!! Please be careful
peeps d0n't fall prey like me.

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