Monday, June 13, 2011

Get it @ Gelare!

yuhoo! remember about ths entry few weeks back?

Yeszaaa!!! mmg tak sempat I tunggu weekend pun cos soonest after I made that entry, i rushed to d e-Curve to hunt for the best waffles in town at Gelare. ok! tekak tak boleh tunggu lagi n mengalahkan org mengidam pulak. tnks to Google, it does help me alot! cepat n senang ;)

TGIF! its just 10min away from my new office!

Zasss! Da berdiri tegak dpn kedai. i reached there quite late I mean @ 11pm and their last is at 11.30pm. Shops closed at 12midnite.

Admiring d huge colorful mural wallpaper! looks yummy too ;) letak dlm bilik tido pun cun jugak

I ordered Tutti Frutti waffles seperti yg diingin tekak + ice chocolate

waffle gebusss yg panas, lembut sehingga menjilat jari dengan topping hershey's chocolate, ice-cream + peach + strawberry! wallaaaaa....

cair dimulut n kenyang di perut!!!
mmg sedapat berbanding A&W waffle as u really pay for price + quality

where to get this :-

Gelare' @ e-Curve (formerly known as CineLeisure)
Ground Floor next to Tony Romas

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