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Breaking News : Monarchy Announces William & Kate Divorce Date

hi peeps,
kalau dulu uols kecoh2 pasal dua org ni nak kawin rite? semua blog gah sana sini kecoh about d wedding of the year ni but for me its JUST ANOTHER ROYAL WEDDING n now we hv even shocking news bilamasa mereka dikatakan akan bercerai, apakah makna perkahwinan bagi mereka?

apa2 pun...kita tunggu kesudahannya n pastikan siap2 yg wasted their fu*king hours to witnessed the Royal Wedding on CNN n E News! pastikan kali ni, uols duduk la depan tv tu dgn baldi n sekotak tisue to witness their divorce pulak!

kita tunggu... cerai atau tidak?

She wore an elegant, lace-sleeved gown designed by Sarah Burton as she graciously waved and flashed a shy smile. He wore a red military suit and sported a cropped haircut. There were the simple vows exchanged in the historic Westminster Abbey, the post-wedding ride to Buckingham Palace in a century-old carriage. And of course, there was the kiss.

According to initial reports, 2 billion people tuned into the nuptials on television or the internet. Many of these people were attending "royal wedding parties" in pubs, tea houses, and homes all over the globe.

The question now is, what can be done to curb the public melancholy or even malaise that inevitably settles in after a big event such as this? What do Brits and royal fans worldwide have to look forward to next? Psychologist Richard Granson says it is only natural for there to be a certain let-down. "People have been highly anticipating and preparing for this wedding for weeks now, ever since the engagement was announced. It's only natural that people are going to feel a sense of emotional let-down now that it's all over."

It seems, though, that the British monarchy has an answer for those wondering what to look forward to. The Sentinel Dispatch learned on Saturday morning through a leaked memo that in order to give the public something to anticipate, Buckingham Palace is set to release details of Prince William and Princess Kate's upcoming divorce.

The thought is that releasing this information will also help ease any negative emotions that people have about the marital breakdown, as well as give organizers time to plan any parties surrounding the event which will inevitably pop up. "Charles and Diana's marital strife was such a long, drawn out affair and that had an effect on the psyche of the Commonwealth," says an assistant to the Queen in the memo. "It just went on and on and it tore people to shreds. By announcing the date of William and Kate's divorce, we're giving people sufficient warning."

The announcement is that the royal divorce will be finalized on July 2nd, 2019, just 8 years after the pair were wed. According to the Palace, Princess Kate will travel by carriage to her lawyers office (Barrister Robert Towner) and then will return to Buckingham Palace where she will sign the papers on the famous balcony while silently weeping before throngs of jubilant but sombre crowds.

Divorce memorabilia such as fine china, spoons, and tea-towels are "already being designed" according to the memo, and pre-orders will be taken on eBay within weeks.

Meanwhile, royal divorce parties are already being planned. Marty Harrison, proprietor of Halligan's Pub in London's east side, is ecstatic about the news. "We were packed for the wedding, it was our best business day of the year. To be able to prepare for the next big day is a real plus."

Meanwhile, an official with the Monarchist League of Canada said they are already planning an event. "Everyone's guessing as to what Kate will wear for the painful split, and we're planning several gatherings across the country to watch the proceedings," said Ruth Gilbert. "We've already excitedly sent a request to have our wedding gift returned and can't wait to have it in our possession once more."

From our London Bureau

To Willian : u kawin dgn mak aje senang! sumpah mak tak cari lain cos mak mmg suka lelaki botak! hehehe

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