Friday, December 17, 2010


Well...m a simple person when it comes to accessories :)

yes, the one and only charm bracelet i have is from Tomei. I wanted to buy Tiffany, Thomas Sabo bracelet but then again..rasa mcm membazir kan cos they hv plenty of nice n cute charms for u to add from time to time and its addictive dan hobby ini amatlah merbahaya cos nafsu tidak akan pernah puas! selagi ada ruang dlm bracelet tu, selagi tu la nafsu akan us-ha utk tambah d charms.

so i tot it is safe to have just a simple charm barcelet from Tomei yg ada pearl, n those lil cutie LVs icon ;) *i lost the bag icon over my trip @ Avillion* tsskkk!


Anonymous said...

cantik!! white gold ke? if u don't mind, how much ek?


yanie said...

anon : yup! white gold price less than 2k all in 4 yrs bck ;)

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