Tuesday, June 1, 2010

apa...convertible shoes? biar betul?!?!???

yuhoooo sweetie peeps!

does any of the gorgeous ladies out there
to own a pair of shoes/ higheels/platforms that can be transformed into several style???
sila angkat tangan!!! *evil grin*

sejak dahulu lagi, i always wanted a pair of shoes which i cud wear for casual, party or catwalk at the mall and i always dream of those pairs yg tinggi harus tinggi ya adik-adik *so i cud imagine myself doing the catwalk ala-ala kate moss or x pun cindy keropokcrowford* bila berjalan sambil window shopping* perasan lagi

and yes!!!

hv answered my prayer bilamana they come with d 4.5'' platform high heels which can be converted into not 1 but 3 style.

Terjumpa those sexy pairs @ Eclipse, Sunway Pyramid last Thursday after my purchase at JayaJusco.
Tertarik dgn tag New Arrival, i terus ke dalam... tried few pairs but these pair really hooked me!

The platforms by eclipse are known as Convertible Shoes (bukan kereta je ada convertible ya) and it comes in 2 colors which is blue and beige/off white

There are 3 different style which u can follow according to the manual given

Style 1
secure the button
the heel shoud be put through the lower loop where the velcro is
re-open the button to wear the shoe

and tadaaa......... sexy lady ready for party style!

Style 2
secure the button
face the button towards the back of the shoe and put the heel through the loop
pull upwards and worn with velcro tape at the front

there you go! vallaaaaaaaa!!!

style 3
they called it "ala-ala macik tak kisah" style
which u can unbotton everything and just wear as it is without d velcro tape and anything

simple to attend any ocassion which i like...sarung je n vasss! siap!

sumpah! its really comfy and light. *selesa, ringan n stylo*
You wont suffer of backache kalau berjalan lama dgnnya ;)

bila da suka dan paling penting ianya selesa, haruslah moi menyapu segala colors yg ada *wink* tamak
owh! price wise ya???.........*mesti ada yg tanya*
harga jauh lebih murah dari Aldo yg tak sale.
Its RM199/pair and the most important!...made in malaysia :)

so apa tunggu lagi???

go n grab urs @ the nearest eclipse store while stock last ;)


ween said...

wah. best nya! bole 3 in one. tp rasanya dkt mlk x ada eclipse. wuuu :(

The Queen Bee said...

canteknyee i loike the blue one!!

Mrs Taz said...

harus pergi carik ni hehe

:: LadyVerde + Mr.Doc :: said...

kewl design :)
harus puan yanie rembat both colours kan...
i tot die convert from heels to flat ;p klo ade org inven tue mmg i salute la!

snowiffy said...

ween : hi u,..not a prob. kalau u interested, i can b ur personnel shooper in KL :)

snowiffy said...

hanis : blue tu mmg snng match dgn denim babe. tinggi n sexy juga ;)

snowiffy said...

k zya : harussss zasss selagi stock masih ada. size amatlah limited. mine 39 :)

snowiffy said...

verde : olaaaaaa kalau bole convert heels to flat kira superb tu but wat to do...ni made in m'sia product la babe, so...invetion amatlah limited ;) hihihi

Ms Lola said...

the blue one is nice. kalau i dpt beli yg ni, boleh la check out a new blue handbag pulak :P

CiKaYu said...

wow...mmg cantik. blue one is really nice...

diana sidek said...

oh!!!super gorgeous!!i must have it!

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