Monday, May 31, 2010

kepadaNya kita kembali...

salam sejahtera kepada semua

hows ur weekend?

mine was penuh with activities such as attending weddings, aqiqah, some shopping n melawat org sakit smlm dan today...dah kembali moga roh Allahyarham Abdul Malik ditempatkan di kalangan org2 yg beriman. Amin *sejurus dikebumikan di Tanah Perkuburan Kiara, hujan turun dgn lebatnya di kwsn Damansara, syukur*

Dalam bulan Mei 2010 shj , saya telah menerima 3 berita kematian org2 yg terdekat yg saya kenali.

Lalu hati terpanggil untuk menghimpunkan artikal dlm entry ini bagi mengingatkan diri sendiri pada kematian.

Saudari Eairrin bte Hasshim yang tlh kembali ke rahmatullah pd 24 Mei 2010 pd usia 36. Pengidap Luekemia *terakhir berjumpa beliau pd malam hari raya aidilfitiri 2009 di rumah adiknya di Subang*

YM Tengku Shaifful Bahari bin Tengku Zainal Abidin 47, pengidap colon cancer yg menjalani pembedahan 2 kali *kali terakhir saya berjumpa dan berbual dgn beliau di Blook Subang Parade sewaktu beliau menemani isteri dan anak perempuannya membeli-belah tahun 2006*

Abdul Malik , 91 sakit tua *pada ulangtahun SIL tahun ini* ptg smlm saya melawat beliau yg pada itu masih bernafas jam 7pm, ternyata beliau dlm keadaan nazak. 12+ tghmlm, kami menerima panggilan beliau telah kembali ker rahmahtullah. Inalillahiwainailaihirajiun...

Moga roh mereka dicucuri rahmat dan dijauhkan daripada seksa kubur. Amin. Al-Fatihah

Di entry ini saya ingin berkongsi dengan pembaca semua, serba sedikit kisah hidup yg menyayat hati
"DariNya kita datang, kepadaNya jua kita kembali"

Hargailah masa, kesihatan dan kesejahteraan yg dikurniakan Illahi dan kasihilah kaum keluarga, sanak saudara dan sahabat handai krn kita tidak tahu bila/ dimana kita akan dijemputNya.

Credit to TheStar Online

By Emilia Z

A friendship forged in college ends, but the memories remain.

IT was the end of June 1994 when I first met a special gal during orientation at Universiti Malaya. People would normally ask her, E.A.I.R.R.I.N? How do you ever pronounce it? Earring? Just call me Erin, she would say.

Once orientation ended, we became roommates and from there, it was a long journey together, through laughter, sickness, pain, sorrow… practically everything. It was at room C116 that we had most of our best times together.

Eairrin Hasshim

Erin taught me that leftover drinks did not need to be washed immediately at the basin. We could just rinse the cups in the room and, throw the water outside. So those who happened to park just outside our room sometimes got splashes of Milo and Ribena on their car!

Erin and another good friend often followed me home since my grandparents’ house was just five minutes away from the university, in Kuala Lumpur. They were never shy. Grandma would normally pack foods that they both liked, to take back. Even after we married and had kids, we made it a point to keep in touch as often as possible. It’s no surprise that all our kids get along very well with each other.

We spent a lot of our weekends together in 2008 and 2009. She was my Istana Budaya partner-in-crime. More often than not, she came to pick me since I was too lazy to drive there! Trips with our boys would often end with a short stop at Toys’r’Us for her to get something for her little boy.

After her two-week visot to Eastern Europe in November 2008, Erin asked me to look for a belly dance class. She told me that she’d bought belly dance outfits and didn’t know what to do with them. I immediately told there were classes at Bukit Jalil and we started going for them together in December 2008. She stopped in May 2009 due to her workload while I continued.

I can still remember our last dinner together at Pavillion KL last August. It was just us, three girls, and my two boys. Erin arrived late and refused to eat. All she wanted was ice-cream. Her excuse was her tonsils – she just couldn’t swallow.

That was it. Her tonsils. A week later, she still had not recovered. She went to a specialist and from there it was a roller-coaster ride for all of us. “Am dead scared. I want to see my son grow up. Any chance of me surviving?” was her text to me when she was first diagnosed with leukaemia.

The hospital in Ampang became “Ampang Spa”, her second home. I managed to spend a few nights with her there. When she had cravings, I would try to prepare the dish for her. Of course, Erin being Erin, she would text me: “Don’t put pepper... pepper is fungus.” “Bake it when you are about to come as food has to be freshly cooked.” “No chicken, I want meat.” And when I offered her soup, “No, don’t want soup.”

She has this passion for all sweet things. Red velvet cake, which she discovered at a bistro in Bangsar Village, was one of them. Sometimes she would ask for this and she made it easy for me. She would phone the place to order it and all I needed to do was call when I arrived and they would take it out to me.

Despite being sick, each time on home leave after her sessions, Erin never kept still. She was full of life and filled her time doing what she enjoyed most – taking her son out, shopping, searching for food. She even went to the office!

I will miss her ways of inviting me to visit her. “I need disposable panties” (this was used most often); “I just shaved, I need snow cap”; “I have run out of oats”; “Oh, if you could get me Ruffles cheddar cheese”; “Get me Uncle Toby’s muesli bar.”

Or, “Get me a cute dish sponge.”

“Please define cute.”

“Sometimes they have cartoon characters.”

“They do???”

“It’s been ages.”

Trust me, I never knew such things ever existed.

I did not fulfill her final request, made two weeks before her death: “I am bored. Can u get me a cross-stitch set? I want floral.”

A day later: “Sorry, I couldn’t find it.”

“It’s okay. Now I feel too tired anyway.”

I am not sure if she was trying to make me feel better for not finding it, but Erin, I’m truly sorry! I should have searched harder.

On May 14, she texted me: “I remember the first time I saw you in UM and when we introduced ourselves and knew we were from the same faculty. I think you are the most cheerful person on earth I have ever seen… love you loads… You make me forget my homesick(ness). Pray for me. Harder.”

It was as if she knew her time was coming.

Erin’s lungs got infected 50 days after her blood cord transplant. She was transferred to the ICU on May 23. I never got to see her after the transplant as visitors were not allowed. She breathed her last around 3.30am on May 24, at the age of 36.

A person who was loved by many, she had many visitors. She touched many people in her special way. That was my beautiful friend, Erin. Al-Fatihah.

Rejoice in life


Instead of worrying about old age and death, be happy that you are alive.

SOMETME last year my mother told me to ask my tailor to make me a white baju kurung. For funerals. I remembered thinking, yes, I should make one. But I didn’t.

Death is not something I choose to think about. Who does? It’s a natural part of life and we all have to go through it someday, but as much as we can, we prefer not to think of our mortality.

Perhaps that is why we spend so much time trying to fight the signs of age, to do anything possible to stop time. For when we look in the mirror and see the passage of time on our faces, it reminds us that we’re growing old. Reaching the end of our lives.

People have such a problem with ageing. What is the big deal about it? Rejoice in the fact that you have lived; the lines in your face tell a story of your life.

When I first started as a broadcast journalist, my editor told me to always keep a baju kurung and selendang in my car because you never know when you might have to cover a funeral. Lucky for me, I was never asked to do so, because I cannot imagine anything more nerve-wracking than having to write about a stranger’s funeral.

Eairrin Hasshim (left) and the columnist.

As a journalist, you’re expected to be able to separate emotion from fact. You can feel compassion for the subject or subject matter, but not to the point where it impairs objectivity. Above all, a journalist has to be factual, not emotional.

Which is why, while I write this, I am trying not to succumb to emotion. But as I told someone, I can write about an assignment in the face of emotional trauma, but this column is personal and therefore, to a certain extent, a lot of my feelings will come through.

On Monday, when I woke up to find a series of missed calls and messages, I remembered the white baju kurung. And I knew that, try as hard as I might to ignore death and hope that it passes me by, there are times when I cannot stop something from happening no matter how hard I wish it.

Last Hari Raya, I wrote in this column about a dear friend who was very sick and had to spend the festival in the hospital. She passed away last Monday after a painful battle with leukaemia and I found myself floundering, for the first time, in a sea of misery that I cannot even put into words.

How can I possibly write about style, about bags, about shoes … what does that matter any more in the larger scheme of things?

We come into this world with nothing and we leave it with nothing.

Now I will no longer be throwing the all-pink spa party that I promised her, when she got better. I will not go shopping with her, or go on a girlie beach getaway, or discuss which bag she should buy.

Who is going to send me photos of beautiful things, and ask me what I think? Who will text me at odd hours, all excited about things both of us like? Who will faithfully read every single thing I write and never fail to text me, even from a hospital bed?

All the memories of her are like a kaleidoscope of fragmented pieces that I can’t seem to put together.

I cannot wish her back, for she is in a much better place now. But I do wish that I had spoken to her more, especially in those final days. I have said the best of what she was when I wrote about her, and I recap: I think of her as bubbles in a sparkling glass, fairy lights under the silver moon. Quicksilver, gold dust and dancing sunbeams. She is like the wind that flits amongst the trees, she never stays for very long, but when she’s there, she is the light through darkened clouds.

This precious, pretty, angel friend of mine is all sunshine and laughter, and beauty and light. When I think of lovely things, I always think of her.

I didn’t need a white baju kurung to say goodbye to her. I didn’t need anything beyond my thoughts and prayers. In the end, that was all she needed from me.

To my darling, beautiful Eairrin Hasshim, you are the best loved of all, the kindest, sweetest, most positive person I know. You will be greatly missed and always remembered. Al-Fatihah.


ini pula diambil dari blog saudara Nizam yg merupakan kenalan arwah

Asalamualaikum wbt

Ingin saya berkongsi cerita di sini, pagi tadi bila saya terbangun dari tidur ternampak ada message pada handphone saya, bila dibaca rupa-rupanya ada seorang sahabat telah kematian isterinya awal pagi tadi akibat penyakit leukimia dan isterinya juga merupakan sahabat kepada saya dan salah seorang yang mengikuti blog ini. Saya terus terduduk dibirai katil, mengenangkan ujian yang terpaksa dihadapi oleh keluarganya terutamanya anak tunggalnya yang baru berusia 4 tahun. Tanpa saya sendiri sedari semasa solat subuh air mata saya mengalir. Saya sendiri langsung tiada mood untuk ketempat kerja atau memikirkan masalah kerja. Jelas kenangan bersama arwah dan keluarganya dimata saya.

Bagi saya arwah adalah seorang yang ceria, kuat semangat, tabah dan mesra. Walaupun saya sendiri baru mengenalinya tetapi dengan kemesraan dan sifatnya yang periang seolah-olah membuatkan saya telah lama mengenali arwah. Bayangkan semasa sebelum dimasukkan kehospital arwah melayan kunjungan kami dengan penuh ramah dan memasak masakan kegemaranya iaitu nasi lemak untuk kami, sedangkan pada masa tersebut beliau masih sakit dan itulah yang merupakan kali pertama dan terakhir bagi saya merasa masakan arwah.

Begitu juga dengan suami dan ayahnya yang sentiasa mengalu-alukan kunjungan ziarah kami kerumahnya , bagaimana kami sama-sama merancang untuk mengadakan solat hajat sebelum arwah dimasukkan kehospital serta berikhtiar mengubati penyakitnya dengan cara alternatif(Islam). Semuanya itu masih jelas dalam ingatan saya.

Tetapi apabila arwah dimasukkan kehospital, kami sudah tidak dibenarkan menziarahi arwah lagi atas arahan doktor hanya suami dan ayahnya sahaja yang dibenarkan masuk, hatta anak arwah sendiri tidak dibenarkan masuk melawat. Namun solat hajat dan doa untuk kebaikan arwah sentiasa dibuat baik secara sendirian atau pun secara berjemaah. Sekali lagi sebentar tadi saya tersentak apabila semasa berdoa, saya terdoa untuk kesembuhan arwah, kemudian baru saya tersedar yang arwah baru pergi meninggalkan kita.

Pagi tadi saya berpeluang menziarahi jenazah arwah, solat jenazah hingga selesai majlis pengkembumian arwah, kerana inilah sahaja penghormatan terakhir yang dapat saya berikan kepada arwah. Semasa tiba dirumah arwah telah kelihatan ramai orang yang datang menziarahi arwah dan sememangnya dengan sifatnya yang sedemikian tidak mustahil arwah mempunyai ramai kenalan. Alhamdulillah semua urusan jenazah berjalan dengan lancar.

Kali terakhir saya berhubung dengan arwah adalah melalui sms pada 20/05/2010 sebelum arwah menghembuskan nafasnya yang terakhir pada jam 3.30 pagi tadi 24/05/2010.

Sms terakhir daripada arwah adalah mengenai video yang saya upload dalam blog ini mengenai banjir di Putra Perdana katanya "Baru tahu putra perdana banjir, lagi.."

Itulah antara kenangan saya bersama arwah dan keluarganya. Arwah yang saya maksudkan disini ialah Saudari Eairrin Binti Hasshim dan suaminya dikenali dengan nama Sham.

Marilah kita sama-sama berdoa semoga Allah s.w.t mengampunkan segala kesalahannya dan ditempatkan bersama-sama dengan hamba-hambaNya yang beriman serta memberi kesabaran kepada keluarganya di dalam mengharungi ujian Mu ini Ya Allah. Amin.....

AL-FATIHAH buat Eairrin...


saya akui kata2 di atas bahawa arwah disenangi oleh semua kerana semasa saya melawat jenazah beliau pada 11.00 pagi di kediamannya di Puchong, kelihatan ramai saudara dan rakan taulan beliau yg berada lebih awal di sana. (saya duduk di hujung kepala jenazah sewaktu beliau masih dirumah. Nampaknya, arwah disenangi dan disayangi...rata2 yang datang memberikan penghormatan terakhir kepada nya sebelum disemadikan di tanah perkuburan berdekatan.

Kunjungan tidak henti2 tiba, alhamdulillah..cuaca pada hari tu sgt meredhai pemergian arwah walaupun ianya panas pada tengahari, jenazah beliau sempat disembahyangkan di masjid yang berdekatan dan dikembumikan di Puchong

jenazah sdg disiapkan

suaminya Sham yg turut brsama jenazah ke liang lahat
3 dpd adik perempuan arwah
penghormatan terakhir kami
harapan kami agar Aliff tabah menghadapi situasi ini, walaupun beliau belum kenal erti kematian, kasih ibu hingga ke syurga, moga Aliff menjadi anak yg soleh mendoakn kesejahteraan ibunya sentiasa...

Aliff dipisahkan daripada ibu beberapa bulan lepas dan di saat akhir kematian, beliau masih tidak berkesempatan berdampingan dengan ibunya kerana ibu di kuarantin di Ampang Puteri

Gambar Aliff 4 thn diambil seminggu sebelum arwah mengadap Illahi
Aliff terpaksa bermanja dengan ibu saudara shj sewaktu menghadiri b'dy party sepupunya


IreneYaya said...

So sad to see the boy...I also got a niece whom the mother (my SIL) had passed away when she was 1 and half years old. Very sad. =(

Al-Fatihah. Really sedih mendengar kematian tetapi pasrah dengan kehendak Allah.

Elle S. said...

Al-fatihah buat arwah...

Amelia Khalik said...

I'm touched reading this. Sgt sedih..Al fatihah to arwah. Hidup hanya sementara..thank u for reminding me yg kdg2 alpa dan lupa.

4 Kay-E said...

Al fatihah..
Sedihnya baca entry ni :(

fiezachommel said...

so touched....Al-Fatihah buat Arwah

cikayu said...

al-fatihah. really touched. ALLAH maha BESAR. hope her son will become a good son.

snowiffy said...

thx to all and Al-Fatihah again to arwah :(

eynda said...

Al-Fatihah buat arwah...bergenang air mata especially tengok gambar2 arwah & anak dia.... :-(

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