Friday, May 7, 2010


hi peeps!
Weekend is just around the corner n i know most of you guys are looking fwd fr the weekend to spent time with beloved ones or at least hang out with frens and family.

berdiam selama ni tak bermaksud i terus berhenti dari berimiginasi dan mengingini *sesuatu* esp handbags yeah! saya adalah perempuan dan nafsu dgn benda2 cantik ni amatlah sebati dgn diri ini *confession maut tak syg mulut*

besides the miu miu coffer in tan i have few more bags in mind which i would like to share with you guys ;)

One of them is

D-Styling iconic Tods bag in Tan

pada i sgt la sesuai jika dipadankn dgn dress labuh or jeans fr casual and on weekdays with office suit or jacket. sgt stylo dan sesuai utk juga utk dibawa ke hi-tea

This is a part of Autumn Winter 2009/10 collection RM5,430 @ klcc n pavi
TODS iconic D-Styling Tan color shopping media

for those readers yg da ada bag ini, i hope you guys can share the photos with me and to those yg masih contemplated to own one...go and grab it now! its worth every penny and moreover it is sexy! mmuuahhhh!!!

all pic google-ed


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Love this.... Insya Allah will be my 2011 bag. But am torn between YSL muse juger..


Masyithah Ma'arof said...

psttt.... rm3800 je kat rome. end of mei dapat. interested? :) email me at:

snowiffy said...

syitha: kira murah jugak tu ...sabar..sabar... *urut dada*

Masyithah Ma'arof said...

yanie... last order sabtu ni tau. ujung bulan beg sampai msia :) yg ni 100% brand new... 100% authentic... slmt mengurut dada!! *wink wink*

IreneYaya said...

Saw it too in Paris! Cantik and classy! But I tend to love the sensuous G-bag more. *wink*

snowiffy said...

masyithah : tks fr d offer. fr time being i minat je kot. beli mayb x la u. insyallah, will contact u fr future buy since ur offer sgt berbaloi2. tks ;)

yaya : cantik classic but handcarry n sling but not very practical i cud say. G mmg mengancam juga ;)

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