Wednesday, November 4, 2009

up close and personal

haloooo ladies!!!
m still over the moon *wink*
(owner of vintage stuff pun nak kecoh-kecoh kan?)
apa kes???
but who cares!!!
(i just feel that i need to share this with the rest bagaholics)

since many of u asked me to reveal my 2nd Chanel after d gst
here are the similiar pix which i googled and pls bare in mind that tis piece is no longer avail in boutique which u could only buy from e-bay/consignment store or u could check out auctions mypoupette recommended sellers and i personally felt that for the beginner like me, its a must have piece cos ianya adalah vintage dan mencerminkan keunikan Chanel yg tersendiri.

why i choose tis bag???
i prefer to have the

"bigger the better"
worth every penny bag

to chunked in all my everyday needs and i felt this is the one m eyeing for so long compared to the 2.55 classic jumbo flap.
(ya saya mmg kedekut dan akan memastikan quality is better than quantity duit yg dikeluarkan when it comes to bags dan sebab itulah saya suka menjalin hubungan baik dgn tauke pre-owned shop cos senang nk dpt source bag yg lawa dan murah;)

bila sudah ada gst tote yg terbuka haruslah ada satu flap yg tertutup

size adalah keutamaan!!!

its slightly wider than my gst

chanel vintage black xl jumbo flap
plush lambskin double cc logo
bigger and larger gold hardware compared to jumbo..memang berbaloi!
inner full leather lining
size comparison between xl and 2.55 jumbo flap. memang berbeza!
i've made the right choice of adding this vintage to my collection :)

mudah2an keluarga kecil ini akan terus berkembang :)

since da terlanjur cerita psl Chanel ni, i wanna share some of my wishlist with u guys

Chanel lambskin black bubble bag
Pouch handbag in puffy quilted lambskin with interlaced chain
chanel black proforated leather drill flap
chanel modern chain bag
pewter metallic leather 2.55 reissue
chanel 08 light silver lambskin 2.55 classic flap
chanel fuschia lambskin classic bag 225 silvertone hardware
chanel blue perforated leather 12 jumbo classic
enuff of pictures!

bole jadi juling mata uols kan! kan!

back to work yanie!!!

all pics are googled


sisdee said...

bole juling mata tgk semua koleksi chanel nie..

yanie...mmg cantik gile the new baby ur amik tu..super duper NICE!!!

(urut dada) :D

Fara said...

hmmm..the black bubble looks nice, the puffy quilted also nice but then again, the moden chain bag is not bad either. May be I should just go for the classic 2.25...better still why I dont just get all of it...hmmmm

How I wish... :) it's always nice to berangan pasal bag. Thanks Yanie for cheering me up on thursday morning. hehehe..

LadyofLeisure said...

babe, vintage XL so nice! especially with gold hardware. picture bergaya please :) congratulations babe!

adriana az said...

yes yanie,mmg terjuling tgk.i fell in love with chanel bags when i was aunt bought me one from korea(fake munye maahhh)but its the thought tht counts kan.takkan la at tht age pakai chanel.kekeke,n'ways..have been a fan eversince,my budget je yg bukan fan anough..huhuhu.

snowiffy said...

sisdee : mmg akan juling n terjuling kan tgk chanel ni. how i wish its all mine (berangan x abiss)

fara : mmg harusss. masukkan je smua dlm ur wishlist! mana tau rezeki u soon. Amin.

LOL : tks babe! vintage mmg classic abis. ada masa nnti i upload gambo bgaya k ;)

AA : wah terror u!! age 14 pun da tau brand chanel ek. when i was 14 i pakai beg cap apa ye??? *fikir fikir*

The Queen Bee said...

nicee babe!! how much u beli?

adriana az said...

kekekeke...ala..aunty I yg bagi so thts how i got to know about it.I admire her collections although she's more into aigner..oh well,cerita lama.I hope one day i pon dpt buat collection mcm u jgk..bile lah agaknye :)

DaZzlingLilLy said...

kaler merah tu cantiknya...

Ayu said...

This season Chanel is carrying the XL Jumbo. I was in Paris last week and managed to get one in black with silver hardware and burgundy interior. Tried to get another one in London for a friend but none was available. After VAT refund, it is so worth it - considering the size. I can understand your excitement!

snowiffy said...

hanis : tks babe. harganya..sssyyy...i ym u ok

adrianaz : ya pun started with aigner n coach. insyallah ur dream will come true. i wil amin amin kan

DLili : mmg cantik babe...i oso wish to hv tat color in my collection but x tau bila

ayu : congrats on ur new catch gal! XL jumbo is something which we cant resist. yup! we sharing d same excitement!!! Jumping wit joy!

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