Friday, August 21, 2009

bag raya

pheewiittt!! drooling
ni bukan i punya ok
d gorgeous LV damier Sistina GM is belonged to d lovely lady (u know who u are) which she bought recently during her trip to PARIS...a very short one...zasss 4 ari je
congrats on ur new acquisition dear!
its really worth buying from there kan..kan KL selling at rm6550 for PM and GM is rrm7650..mahal!
nxt time kita JV n open order to d blog readers and to the MJ, Irene n palremo and another sistina buyers tu... congrats n enjoy ur new arm candies aka bag raya :)
i blom dpt hidayah fr any new catch...bertafakur insaf sejenak ni..hihi

PM and MM pun chanteks!!!


isz_3707 said...

tanteknyerrrrr, i'm drooling (tp setakat mimpi bley la)

miss R.e.p.u.n.z.a.L said...

cantik siot..
haiii...aku mau satuuuu?
*menangis okeh nak bayar beriban2 tu kak.

snowiffy said...

hi both : akak pun drooling la. she's so lucky! before tu dpt greta nw sgt!!! moga2 rezeki dia lebih murah. amin

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