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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

cabas day???...


presenting my friend mel's tokeh SCOOP gorgeous chanel 'cabas'. she just received it last week when someone walk into her shop and contra this heaven piece with just a plain fugly LV Ursula. Was d lady blind or what???..its a Chanel la or at least just keep it for godsake. i cudnt believe that she sold her Cabas for Ursula , i know la ursula is more expensive but wtf!!!....

i just luv d dangling plain double C logo` sgt konservatif but classic n sgt matchy with d leather

Congratulations on your new baby babe.
Do think of me if u wish to let it go ok. wink*
Enjoy and wear it in good health ok

mel, tks fr allowing me to pose wit yr new baby
m so looking forward fr d chanel 'ice-cube' itu k. wink*

last saturday juga i saw someone carrying the denim coco 'cabas' while having lunch at berjaya, bangsar and the lucky gal is a wife of hubby's buddy. she's so lucky!!! mmg gorgeous when she pair up with denim short skirt but m more into Mel's new baby~leather cabas !!! besides, bubble and 2.55 caviar, this cabas has caught hubby attention n got his approval for d next catch which i dunno when la pulak?................owh! n its 2 cabas i t'jumpa in a day tau. mcm suwuh beli cepat2 je. ahaks!

sgt gorgeous kan? but d leather ada berat skit la after putting on shoulder...eerkkss!


The Queen Bee said...

cantiknyeeee berapa nii?

::The Shopaholic Tauke:: said...

the bag is sooo damn gorgeous...!!!congrats to mel...:)

Kak Inni said...

Salam yanie, perghhh meleleh airliur tgk cabas tu.... santiknya la aihhhh ;-)

n.o.v.e.e jahari said...

ohh!!! i love baby cabas! :P

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

hehehe...cantik kan :D
thats why u love coco cabas :D

IreneYaya said...

Bebs, I wanna ask about elken (betul ke nama dia elken- the ones mcm PB). I think I used to read from your blog or saper punya blog ntah about elken. I think yours..but now I can't find it...I think I nak try elken pulak, but do u know where I can get it? Let me know, k?

And I have a chanel black vinyl coco cabas the one that kate moss was carrying, plan nak jual...hihihi why? I tgh kumpul dana for the Chanel 2.55 tote...but that one was bigger than this baby cabas. If u or ur friend nak inform me, k? Only 3k+.

snowiffy said...

hanis : i tak tau wat is the exact price for this piece but i knew she got it really cheaper rom owner. owh!!

mai : it is gorgeous and u shud touch it. sgt gebu ok!

k Inni : mmg cantik!!! hampir meleleh air mata i time tu :)

nove n verde : harus jatuh cinta dgn cabas ni :)

irene: pls email me regarding elken tu k. . i'll b very happy to assist u in choosing d precious lingerie tu n i da tlg advertise ur coco in my blog ;)

Mrs LVoe said...

so gorgeous. the color also niceeee.. geram yea.

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