Wednesday, April 1, 2009

m wishing for...

my 34th b'day wishlist
i dont wanna b 2 cukup la yer ;)

Gucci Aviatrix Large Boston
this could easily work into my wordrobe
an eye-catching and as an everyday bag, this is a perfect choice- suitable for year-round use and it pairs well with everything from professional to casual wear and it's bound to last a lifetime.

bling! blings! bracelet

eventho' bukan full tennis bracelet, dpt yg 1/2 pun mak da happy sgt nyah :)


Mrs LVoe said...

gojes bag & beautiful bracelet dear.

jgn la stop. lum puas cuci mata lagi tgok ur collections

Anonymous said...

agree with u. should stop b4 everthing is just too late..

snowiffy said...

sha: kalau x stop pun mayb i slowdown skit kot ;)

anon : yup! its never too late

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