Wednesday, November 26, 2008

weekend therapy

We woke up late this morning n we had food given by K Na last nite fr our brunch today. Mr. B then drove to Hartamas for reflexology. We had reflex therapy for an hour at RM42/ person @ hartamas. Went to the barber for hubs to licinkan his head again. Aiyo..yo...bila la nk tgk rambut dia tumbuh ni???

Since we were in Hartamas area, we went straight to Plaza Damas fr window shopping but when we passed by Coe Boutique at Level 1, Some Popper blouses catch Mr. Bs attention and yup...
I grabbed 3 mini kaftans *smile . same design but diff colors

the dinner we had @ home...nasi lemak Aji Don + crabs in chili gravy from Asean Cafe ss15

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