Wednesday, November 26, 2008

curry laksa

I had no companion fr dinner tonight since Mr. Z busy golfing with his partners, i therefore took my own sweet time to drive back home after work. Dunno what to eat??? perut lapar but hehehe... i got an idea to phone the Golf Deck for food. Shitt!!! The DL is faulty ...camne nk order ni???
Thank god, Mr. B called soonest after he finished golf and ask what shud he 'tapau' back fr me???....Good timing babey!!!


here's what I had while layaning X-Files dvd. (cite da basi but still layan gak)

d best nonya curry laksa in town cuma sea-harm dia x gemok lar

1 comment:

Nurhayati said...

terliur lak tgk nyonya curry laksa tu..hihihi

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