Thursday, September 4, 2008

weekdays activity

started writing after reading 2 impressive blogs by ladyverde and cikpuanmuda. gals!!! yr blogs motivates me alot. (m a late starter in this blogging-world)

m back with new resolution to write at least one line in this precious diary. cuba sempat2kan diri :)

i worked as usual n d mgmt allow me to log in at 11am d latest or at least 10 ish every morning n sign off at 530pm during fasting month. (tangkiu boss & jgn jeles)

m seriously free today. (no work at all) n i took d whole day blog hopping. spent d whole day reading ladyverde n cikpuanmuda pages n now m excitedly excited to hv my own.

i got 3 packets of 'bubur lambuk kg baru' from my senior officer - pak hamid (org kuat umno titiwangsa wit JP..tangkiu pak! hand delivery lagi...

ooppsss...hubby just buzz me on his way back to berbuka at my PILs place. he reminds me to grabbed him white chocolate macademia from Secret Recipe fr berbuka dessert n a pre-paid frm MIL. okie dokie roger n out.
i'll be signing back again tom...c'ya

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