Tuesday, September 9, 2008

i love dentist...???

eehheemmm....my perfect smile

my hawley retainer (5-6 mths or forever...)

my last day on braces...

on braces fr 1 yr 7 mths...

Got upper and lower Hawley retainers after my braces. The only way I got used to them was to wear them all the time. At first I took them out all the time when I had to talk and eat. But once I decided to leave them in my speach improved. I still sound a little strange but I've got used to that. I leave them on when I'm eating out but must rinse my mouth and the retainers as soon as I can after eating. Get rid of all that extra food in my mouth! braces and retainers can be inconvenient, but guess..they are definitely worth the trouble. When will you know for sure? On the day your braces are removed and you can see your new and improved smile!...cewwaahh!!!

dental : pristine dental jln gasing, PJ

my appointment :-

23/12/06 - my 1st approach for braces/ x ray
9/01/07 - cabut 2 gigi (1 upper/ 1 lower)
23/01/07 - fixed upper brackets+expander
01/02/07 - fixed arch wires - upper
03/03/07 - tighten arch wires n rubber band
06/04/07 - fixed lower brackets
07/05/07 - fixed arch wires - lower
07/06/07 - tighten arch wires
07/07/07 - changed lower+upper wires
04/08/07 - changed band (blue color)
04/09/07 - took out d expender+tighten wires
06/10/07 - changed band (grey color)
20/11/07 - changed band (grey color) addicted to this color
21/12/07 - changed band (blue)
18/01/08 - changed band (grey again)
15/02/08 - changed wires(upper+lower+grey band)
14/03/08 - changed band + scaling/tatar cleaning
16/04/08 - changed wires+rubber 3/16
16/05/08 - changed wires+rubber band
20/06/08 - fixed rubber+ tighten wires
july - missed d appt/ mr. dentist busy meanwhile m free
29/8/08 - took off brackets +retainer measurement
05/09/08 - fixed retainer (d worse feeling ever.ouch!ouch!) hate this!!!

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Anonymous said...

brp total cost u incurred for this? I teringin nak buat, tapi takut sakit... sakit tak??

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