Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bios Life Slim/ Bios Life SX

Fat Loss / Energy / Science

Size: 60 pkts x 7.25g/Box

A revolutionary fat burning product;providing the first scientific breakthrough in fat-loss in over 30 years.Countaining naturally,proprietary ingredients.Help your body natuarally regulate the amount of fat stored.
Contains proprientary ingredient that help your body naturally and safely reduce amount of fat it stores.Not only helps your body store less fat also allows extisting fat to be burned away – anurally.No Starving,n jitters,no stimulants


“Bios Life Slim. Fiber, vitamin drinks. Help your body deal with excess fat more efficiently with 100% natural way to see results within a month. “


It also provides the following benefits:
-increases energy
-reduces glycemic index of foods you eat
-maintains healthy cholesterol levels
-balances blood sugar
-improves lipid profiles
-regulas bowel functio
Recommended Use:
For best results drink two or three times,10-15 minutes prior to meals.Mix one package with eight to ten ounches of cold water,milk.juice,comparable beverage. Stir vigorously or use shaker cup. Drink immedieatley .
Steel Rule 5 restrictions.
1. Eat breakfast, lunch, and supper in one of the world each day at least 4 hours apart
2. Meal before 19.00 hours should be spaced about 12 hours before you eat breakfast the next day.
3. Start walking 30 minutes a day can help keep muscles toned.
4. Slowly lower the flour, sugar, sweet foods and a protein.
5. Chew food slowly. The brain sends a signal that the body feel full.

It not A SECRET !!!

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