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Bios Life FAQs

Question : How often and when can I consume Bios Life Slim?

Answer : Recommended for best result, drink Bios Life Slim at least 10-15 minutes prior to your largest meals which are lunch and dinner. If you forget to drink Bios Life Slim before you begin eating, drinking it with your meals will still provide some benefits.

Question :  Can you drink Bios Life Slim with your medication?

Answer : Bios Life Slim is considered a food. If you have specific questions about your medication, kindly ask your doctor if it is acceptable to take your medication with Bios Life Slim. If they are unfamiliar with the product then refer them to the Unicity section of the Physician's Desk Reference (PDR). It is recommended that any medications that need to be taken between meals to be taken at least one hour before taking Bios Life Slim or 4 hours after consuming Bios Life Slim to avoid impeding absorption.

Question : Is there any side effects with the introduction of Bios Life Slim into my diet?

Answer : The additional fiber supplementary to a diet currently low in fiber may cause temporary discomfort in your bowels (even diarrhea or constipation). If diarrhea occurs, cut back on the amount of Bios Life Slim to one-half does (or less) and then increase it gradually into your diet using one-quarter packet increments per serving. Because fiber draws water to it (hydrophilic), constipation may occur. If this occurs, increase the amount of water mixed with Bios Life Slim (up to 14-16 ounces). Then, re-adjust to lesser amounts gradually into your Bios Life Slim mixture until you reach 10-12 ounces. Taking Bios Life Slim without adequate fluids can result in complications. Fiber needs water to work and a normal diet should contain eight or more glasses of water per day, so you may need to increase the overall level of water you consume to reach normal levels.

Question : Many pharmaceutical drugs produce potentially dangerous side effects. Are there any adverse side effects associated with Bios Life Slim? 

Answer : Bios Life Slim has been clinically tested in numerous medically supervised studies.  No adverse side effects were ever reported or measured in test participants.

Question : Should I continue drinking Bios Life Slim when I have achieved my cholesterol or fat loss goals?

Answer : Taking Bios Life Slim means making a lifestyle change. We recommend continuing even after cholesterol or fat loss goals have been accomplished, in order to achieve ongoing good health, such as higher energy, better digestive function, and maintenance of recommended cholesterol levels, sugar balance, and weight. Fiber is part of a lifelong healthy diet.

QuestionCan people with Diabetes drink Bios Life Slim? 

Answer : Yes, it is recommended for Diabetics, and they can safely take this product if they monitor their Blood Glucose Levels and work with their health practitioner to adjust their medications accordingly. Many diabetics have achieved really good results with Bios Life Slim.

Question : Can a pregnant or nursing woman drink Bios Life Slim?

Answer : 7 months and above pregnant woman can consume Bios Life Slim. Nursing woman also can consume Bios Life Slim. The only difference is nursing woman should consume 1 pack of Bios Life Slim per day for 3-4 days then start to increase to 2 packs per day, if the baby stool is normal.

Question : Can I drink Bios Life Slim with other Bios Life™ products? 

Answer : Absolutely, all Bios Life™ products are classified as fiber-based dietary supplements. Combining Bios Life™ products will add more fiber to your diet and possibly enhance the functionality of each product.

Question Can you drink Bios Life Slim with herbs or homeopathic products? 

Answer : Yes. Bios Life Slim is considered a food.

Question : Can you drink Bios Life Slim with alcoholic beverages? 

Answer : We don’t recommend dissolving the packet contents in alcoholic beverages; however, the product is safe to drink before a meal where alcoholic beverages are consumed.

Question Can children or older people drink Bios Life Slim? 

Answer : Bios Life Slim is derived from natural food-based ingredients, so it is safe and beneficial for all genders, ages and types of people. It is highly recommended for adults and teenagers who want to lose excess fat or prevent gaining additional fat. Children 6-12 years old should consume only half servings of Bios Life Slim. For children under six, we recommend you to consult your pediatrician about adding Bios Life Slim to their diet. 

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