Saturday, September 22, 2012

Shila lalala Amzah Made it @ Asian Wave Competition 2012

Salam peeps,

I know its has been quite sometime i've neglected this blog and many hv asked whether if m still active blogging / not?

the answer is definitely 'yes' since  i used to be a hardcore bloggers why not just continue what i luv doing... (even not that so popular but i knew i hv loyal followers .. you know who u are ;) 

insha-Allah from now on I'll be back blogging and there will be major changes on ths blog soon ;) just stay tuned and meanwhile enjoy ths video of our Heartrobe Shila Amzah during her performance in Asian Wave Competition. Yes! the Winner she is! Amazing & Beautiful Shila with her incredible 5 stars performance :)

courtesy : artagames38 youtube

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