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We Give a Slimmer You in 6 Weeks!

Most poeple focus on improving the nutritional quality of their food intake but often neglecting the importance of assisting your body in getting rid of what it does not need. Proper elimination of harmful toxins and wastes allows your body to fully absorb the nutrients from foods and supplements. Even with a fairly healthy diet, accumulation of toxins and wastes in you digestive system may block your body's ability to absorb the required nutrients from food passing through your system.

A toxic body may experience problems such as :-
- Constipation, resulting in waste accumulation in the body
- Poor enzyme secretion, resulting in inaddequate digestion and absorption
- Abdominal bloating, stomach gas and cramps
- Reduced nutrients absorption due to harmful parasiites in the body
- Food allergies
- Ulceration of the digestive tract, infections
- Compromised immune system which causes headaches, joint pain & fatigue


Clearstart 30-Day Cleansing Program is a revolutionary stytem to help rid your body of wastes, unwanted organisms and to keep your gstrointestinal running smoothly. This 3-step system will scrub you intestinal walls to remove toxins and debris, neutralize unwanted organisms and flush them out. Together they work in harmony to revitalize your body. Clearstart Pack consists of Paraway Plus, Lifibre and Nature's Tea which provide an intensive 30-day digestive cleansing program.

Paraway Plus
- Prepares the digestive tract for waste elimination
- Removes toxins and waste from your body
- Soothes the digestive and urinary tracts
- Aids in disabling and eliminating unwanted organisms

- Aids in the elimination of waste and toxins
- Helps clease the colon
- Provides needed fibre for gastrointestinal health

Nature's Tea
- Helps your body clease itself of toxins and other unwanted substances naturally
- Support normal gastrointestinal function
- Nourishes the intestinal, urinary and immune systems.
- Promotes optimal nutrient absorption
- Helps your body eliminate excess water

* Chlorophyll Powder
- Cleanses the blood
- Increases red blood cells & raises oxygen level in our blood
- Strengthens cells
- Refreshing, gives better complexion
- Healts wounds faster
- Reduces headaches and hangovver
- Removes body odor
- Reduces menstrual discomfort

The fact about Bios Life Slim!
Bios Life Slim™
Drinking Bios Life Slim two or three times a day with meals trains your body to burn away excess fat forever--without the jitters, or feeling tired and hungry all the time--resulting in a slimmer, more active, more attractive you.

Inside every serving of Bios Life Slim is perhaps the most thoroughly researched and carefully chosen combination of ingredients available in any nutritional supplement on the market today. The fact is, when mixed with liquid like water or juice and consumed before eating, the ingredients in one packet of Bios Life Slim go to work transforming your body into a fat-burning machine!

* Bios Life Slim is safe for pregnancy mom 7 months and above

Bios Life Slim adalah produk pembakaran lemak yang berevolusi; melebihi 30 tahun sebagai pencapaian saintifik pembakaran lemak yang pertama. Dengan kandungan bahan asli yang semulajadi, Bios Life Slim membantu sistem badan anda mengawal jumlah lemak yang tersimpan.

Bios Life Slim mengandungi bahan-bahan dari sumber asli yang membantu badan anda untuk mengurangkan lemak simpanan secara semulajadi dan lebih selamat. Bios Life Slim bukan sahaja membantu sistem badan anda mengurangkan lemak simpanan tetapi membolehkan lemak yang sediada dibakar secara semulajadi. Tiada kelaparan, tiada kegelisahan, tiada kesan psikologi!

Bios Life Slim mengandungi semua bahan yang ada pada Bios Life maka ianya juga memberikan kebaikan-kebaikan seperti berikut :-

~ Meningkatkan tenaga
~ Mengurangkan Indeks Glycemic (Purata peningkatan glukosa dalam darah) daripada makann yang anda makan
~ Membaiki paras kolesterol darah
~ Menyeimbangkan kandungan gula dalam darah
~ Membaiki Profil Lipid (profil yang menentukan kadar kesihatan jantung)
~ Mengawal fungsi usus (bowel)

Pengambilan yang disyorkan :-
Untuk hasil terbaik, minum sebanyak dua atau tiga kali sehari, dalam masa 10-15 minit sebelum menjamu makanan. Campur sepeket Bios Life Slim kepada 8-10 auns (240-300ml) air, susu atau apa juga jenis minuman yg tidak berkaffein. Kacau hingga rata atau gunakan gelas goncangan (Shaker Cup). Minum dan habiskan segera.

If you have not done any Detox before, pls...
Grab the complete CLEARSTART30 set
for colon & bowel cleansing before you can start taking Bios Life Slim

Set 1
Detox Cleartstart 30-Day
Retail WM RM291/ EM RM314
Our price WM RM248/ EM RM267 (postage RM10)

Set 2
Detox Cleartstart30 + Bios Life Slim + Chlorophyll (30 days)
Retail WM RM790/ EM RM832
Our price WM RM672/ EM RM708 (free postage)

Set 3
(for nursing/ breast-feeding mom)
Bios Life Slim + Paraway Plus + Lifibre + Chlorophyll (30 days)
Retail WM RM755/ EM RM790
Our price WM RM641 / EM RM672 (free postage)

Set 4
Yummylicious breakfast mix (energy + fibre + protein)
Bios Life Energy + Lifibre + Soy Portein (all for 30 servings)
Retail WM RM556/ EM RM588
Our price WM RM473/ EM RM501 (free postage)

Set 5
Student / budget pack
Bios Life Slim + Nature's Tea (30 days)
Retail WM R508/ EM RM529
Our price WM RM432/ EM RM450 (free postage)

Set 6
(for re-stock)
Bios Life Slim (30 days)
Retail WM R428/ EM RM448
Our price WM RM364/ EM RM378 (free postage)

Manual will be given/ forward to you upon confirm purchase :)

email/sms/ call us now to oder your sets ;)
012 2048141

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