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Bios Life Slim - International testimony

Ronald's Story

Ronald Gariolo
pounds lost 51 lbs.
inches lost 14 inches
Ron Gariolo loves the Christmas season. He dresses up as Santa and visits more than a dozen homes bringing joy to the children in his neighborhood.
However, since he started drinking Bios Life Slim three months ago, he’s lost 51 pounds and 7 inches from around his waist—and wonders what’s Santa going to do without his belly?
The Get Slim Challenge is rewarding him a $2,500 check for being a Second Place winner and Ron already has plans for some of the money—to buy a padded Santa suit!
“This year, I’ll drink Slim before Christmas Eve dinner, eat sensibly, and get dressed as Santa. I’ll go out without feeling like I’m going to pass out like previous Christmases. I’m looking forward to playing with the kids, since I have more energy thanks to Slim.”
Before Ron started the Challenge, he often complained of back pain, leg pain, and headaches. He knew it was because he was overweight. At 278 pounds and suffering from high cholesterol, Ron knew his obesity was affecting his health and he was afraid of having serious complications due to his strong family history of heart disease and diabetes.
“I was concerned that my future would be a life of pills and doctor visits. Because of Slim, the pain and headaches are gone. I used to stop on my way to work to have a buttered roll and a large cup of coffee, loaded with sugar. Now I’m eating more protein and less carbs. I’m making better food choices and I can get around easier and quicker. My energy level has increased and I have a better attitude. Instead of sitting down and watching television, I find myself getting on my bike or working around the house.”
He added, “I’ve found that by drinking Slim in the morning before breakfast, I have the mindset to be serious about what I’m eating. I find that my cravings during the day have just about stopped.”
Ron shares his weight loss journey. “For years I’ve put off losing weight with every excuse that I could think of. My mother-in-law and my father-in-law kept motivating me to lose weight.”
Ron shares this about a recent visit to Busch Gardens in Virginia. “I’d been avoiding riding the roller coaster because the larger riders have to sit near the back and it isn’t as exciting. My two daughters, my father-in-law, and I sat in the very first row and when I pulled the harness down over my shoulders and heard the safety belt click, I was thrilled! To be able to finally ride that roller coaster with my two daughters was a dream come true!”

Sue's Story

Sue Cassidy
pounds lost 40.8 lbs.
inches lost 22 inches
Timing is everything. On the same day that Sue Cassidy’s father passed away, she received news that she was a Get Slim Challenge winner.
“When I told dad, before he passed away, that I was a Get Slim Challenge finalist he was so excited and happy and he kept asking me if I was a winner. He would’ve been so happy with the news. It's hard to get into the Christmas spirit this year but we’re holding up. I’m going to give the money to my kids to so they can travel to dad’s funeral.”
In the past, Sue tried and tried to lose weight but never succeeded. Carrying an extra 95 pounds wasn’t an easy; every morning was a battle to get out of bed. Her brother was concerned about her health and introduced her to Bios Life Slim.
“Before Slim, I was miserable and ashamed to go anywhere with my family and friends. I’m so happy that my brother introduced me to this amazing product. I’m so grateful that I’m able to play on the floor with grandchildren. I’ve never had so much energy. This is the most amazing product on the market! Slim makes me feel younger. With the weight off, I’ve done more in three months than did in the past seven years! Slim not only helps you to lose weight but also keeps you healthy and you feel wonderful!”
Sue’s motivated to lose weight because her 38th high school reunion will be in June of 2010 and wants to look slim and glamorous. She almost gave up the idea of attending because she was ashamed of her weight. Today, Sue is 40 pounds lighter and looks forward to attending her high school reunion next year.
“Slim is really working for me. I went from a size 22W to a size 16! It’s amazing how fast the inches and the weight came off. I know that when my reunion comes up, I can go with head held high—proud of my accomplishments with my weight and my life.”

Gus's Story

Gus Richardson
pounds lost 37 lbs.
inches lost 13.5 inches
Life Slim and explained the science that makes Slim work so well.
Joining the Get Slim Challenge was a win-win situation for Gus. He lost more than 35 pounds and was awarded $1,000! Gus said the money is great, but he’s even more grateful that he feels like he’s 20 once again thanks to Slim!
“I’m going to use this check to buy more Slim. I can’t argue with the results. I was really collecting in the mid-section. I always felt very bloated before drinking Slim. Pretty quickly that feeling went away.”
He added, “Two-and-a-half years after my thirtieth birthday, I had gained 40 pounds didn’t feel comfortable with my body. I was eating the same types of foods, but the results were causing me to steadily gain weight. After I have gained weight, I became discouraged to go out and socialize. The heavier I got, I shied away from doing more activities.”
Gus emphasized that Slim has helped him with his cravings too. “I noticed that I no longer craved sugar or fatty foods. Losing over 35 pounds in 90 days, for me, was a dream come true! I’m a lot more confident now.”
Gus is amazed with the benefits of joining the Get Slim Challenge. “I was already motivated to lose weight but the Challenge added an extra element of motivation. My health has improved and I’m living the Slim lifestyle. I’m telling everyone I meet about the benefits of Slim.” Useful Links  Join the Get Slim Challenge!

Candace's Story

Candice Chamberlain
pounds lost 19 lbs.
inches lost 9.5 inches
When Candice Chamberlain joined the Get Slim Challenge in May, her expectations were to lose weight, boost her confidence, and eat healthier. Not only she was able to accomplish all of the above but she also received $1,000!
“Now I have Christmas money!” said Candice. “We have to pay property tax this year and we had to come up with $1,400 and I didn’t think I was going to have Christmas money but now I have extra money to spend at Christmas time.”
By most standards, Candice wasn’t really overweight, however, compared to her younger self, she wasn’t comfortable with how she looked in the mirror. “I wasn’t happy with myself and I knew deep down that I needed to lose some weight,” she said.
After dropping 19 pounds, she’s proud of her slender figure. “I went from a size 8 to a size 4! I feel amazing! I feel so much better about myself and I have more confidence. I used to be embarrassed to go to the pool or boating with our friends. I wasn’t happy with the way I looked at all. I loved winter time because I could wear big sweatshirts and sweat pants.”
Growing up, Candice was an active teenager and part of her high school’s drill team. Candice’s mother made sure her kids ate nutritious food. When Candice got married, her eating habits changed and she started to gain weight.
“My mom is a health freak! All she would eat is organic food. Because my mom was so strict and healthy, we grew up drinking carrot juice, celery juice, you name it. My high school weight was 110 pounds. Once I got married, I wanted to eat all the junk food I possibly could. So I started cooking cheesy potatoes, chicken roll-ups, and all the good stuff. So, I ended up gaining 30 pounds.”
Candice said that Ryan Barnett, former 180-Day Get Slim Challenge winner, motivated her to drink Slim and join the Challenge. “I could see that his transformation made him so happy and that losing the weight changed his life. I went home and I told my husband: ‘We’re going to start drinking Slim and enter the Get Slim Challenge; I don’t want to look like this anymore!’”
She said, “When I drink Slim before meals, it helps me to feel fuller and I’m able to eat a lot less than I used to. It also helps me to not feel hungry in between meals. I know I didn’t need to lose lots of weight in order for me to be healthy and happy again, but this proves that you don’t need to be obese in order for Slim to work for you!”

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